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Few words about the company...

We manufacture and sell comfortable, practical and fashionable clothing for professional animal trainers but also for hobby pet owners - even for kids, because it is never too early to start working with animals. We offer unique clothes and already designed gears, too.

Animals and sewing are our passion, but we also take care about our clients with 7* quality just like we do with our employees.

Our principle is: The satisfied clients & employees are the best commercial.

Few options from the repertoir: You can order your clothing from the widest color palette on the pet training clothes market, with unique pouches, with inside pockets, we have spring, summer, autumn and winter clothing, reflecting stripes, unique embroidery, D rings wherever you want them, hooks, zipper ready arms for the vests and much more.

We sew for left and right handed clients, too. We are looking for any kind of suggestions and ideas! Feel free, to share your desires with us! We'll do our best to make them come true. :)

We sell for animal trainers, most of them are dog trainers, breeders, but we also sell for dog schools class trainers as a uniform, for clicker trainers, for those, who are engaged with dog sports such as IPO (Schutzhund), mondioring, french ring, for animal actor trainers, for police dog trainers and handlers, search & rescue dog trainers, helper or assistant dog trainers, hunting dog trainers, hobby pet owners and so on. To sum it up, for everybody who is looking for excellent designed and sewed clothing for themselves or for their beloved ones as a present.


Few words about the owner...


Hi there,

I am the owner & the main designer at Pet Training Clothes, alias Betty.

I am a dog trainer, dog groomer & dog owner in one person. I am engaged with working dogs and self protection dogs as well as hobby pets. Cut the introduction down in one sentance: "Pack leadership is my lifestyle."

I felt the deepest need ever for comfortable, practical but also fashionable clothes, even in dog training. (Basically I am a contryside girl (with all of the benefits of it ;-) from Europe. Practical things firs, second and third... but now I live near LA, so beauty has to come together with practical things.

"Trousers without pockets are not even trousers." :) It is also true for vests. ;-)

When I got my first dog trainer vest, I was really happy. But the more I used it, the more changes I wanted to effect. And finally I decided to sew one for myself, so I started to design new pockets and other practical features for my unique vest. I showed the very first vest to my fiancé and he said: "You could even sell it!" And here we go, the idea was born.

While I was designing the Pet Training Clothes, I was dreaming about - beyond the functional features - comfortable, colorful but also easy to clean, fashionable, practical and affordable gears for everybody, who also wants to bring into effect their dream clothes.

I trust on You'll enjoy Your visit here and You'll having fun while designing Your Own Vest.

I hope, I'll have a chance to mesmerize you with our products personally. Find out which animal or pet event are we going to appear next! Events

Have a great day!

Take care! :)

Betty :)