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Let me introduce the flower of the flock, the Pet Training Vest Unique Pro, the UPro.


Everything is selectable, but first let's see what is given:

  • Heavy-duty, water resistant or linen material in more than 20 gorgeous colors & we constantly widen the selection.
  • Our vests are lightweight: approx. 1,1 pounds (500 gr) in general.
  • Adjustable waist. Holes strengthen with metal rings.
  • We have different kind of vests depending on the climate you live in: We pick out Spring ~, Summer ~, Autumn~ & Winter Vests.
  • The underlining material can also be different, depending on how worm do you want your vest. It can be made from silk (spring vests), net (summer vests), quilted materials (autumn vests) or thermo velour or polar (for winter vests).
  • Hidden & strong hanger to be able to hang up your vest everywhere easily.
  • I sew with love for left handed clients and also for those, whose animal(s) are trained only to the right or to the left side.
  • The sewing was done with 0.2 inch (0.5 cm) width all around, so your vest does not become a dumbbell by the remained sand between the materials any more. We used up all of the areas profitable.
  • We also made sure that every extra area and material were turned into pratical feature or tool.


The Front:
  • Neck: You can order your vest with or without collar, with rounded or V neck.
  • We can add chin protection by the top of the zipper, taking care of both left and right handed clients.
  • The most important part of the vest are the pouches.
  • Pouch Sizes: Small, Small Long, M, L, and XL at the front side, L Long and XXL at the back. You can also choose the style, colors, embroidery to any pouch and pouch caps.
    The pouches adjust when you open them, so you can easily and comfortably put your hand in them.
    Thes pouches are easy, quick and safe to open and close with only one hand. All velcros are rounded - these will never stick under your nails.
    Velcro hooks are located outside of the pouches so only the velcro loops will stroke your skin gently.
  • Reflecting stripes up on your request.
  • D-Rings (metal or plastic) and Carrier loops for attaching leashes, treat bag, water holder or other things what are equipped with clips. You can attach your
  • Treat bag with carabineers on the D-Rings. We can sew D-rings (and also carabineers) inside the pouches, too, for keys, car keys, leashes, for everything what you do not want to whip out with something.
  • Front zipper can open from the top but also from the bottom what makes extreamly easy the clothing or to get out something from your trousers's pockets. You can order metal zippers, but also plastic zippers, with big or smaller teeth.
    The zipper is shorter than the vest itself, what makes comfortable to sit and walk in it.
  • Unique Embroidery: We have more and more examples, but you can also send us your desired pics or designs. We will work with them with love. You tell the color, the font type, sizes, images, locations, everything & we'll do the rest.
  • You can choose between straight or rounded bottom at the front.

Front Inside:
  • Zipperable Inside pockets
  • Inside pockets with Velcros, both are optional.

  • Side zippers for the treat bag (in case it is used on the hip with belt)
  • Zipper ears keep safe the side zippers.
  • Carabineers (metal or plastic) to carry ball thrower – or other things with hangers. It keeps both of your hands free.

The Back:
  • Covered breathing holes on the back. You can choose from more than 7 designs. Check out them on the website!
  • Pockets for magnetic coins, for those, who love to train with magnetic balls.
  • Huge places for embroidery on the back side, where you can order text but also images. Excellent way to advertise yourself in case you want to!
  • D-Rings (metal or plastic) and Carrier loops for attaching leashes, the treat bag, water holder or other things what are equipped with clips.
  • You can order with zipper ready or hidden hook (under the collar) if you wish.
  • And with zipper ready arms, too.

What can You hold in/on the Vest?
  • Leashes
  • Collars
  • Muzzles & Harnesses
  • Antibacterial hand wipes
  • Pick-up bags
  • Keys
  • Phone, smaller camera, digital music players
  • Money/purse
  • Tissues
  • Toys: balls, ball throwers, balls with ropes, kong toys, dummies, even bigger bite tags, etc.
  • pocket planner (if smaller than 16x16cm)
  • pens, automatic leashes
  • Treat Bag & whatever fits.

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