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Treat Bags

  • Lightweight: 0,2 pound (100 gr) weight -empty-.
  • Maximum 2,2 pounds (1 kg) volumetric capacity (e.g. 1 kg cheese). We also have a smaller trat bag, see on the website!
  • Waterproof material. The overlay inside helps You to keep it clean even when You use wet treats, such as chicken sausages, cheese, liver, chicken meet, etc. With water resistant top.
  • You can order in more than 7 colors & we constantly widen the selection.
  • 4,7 inches (12 cm) diameter opening (so you can take out a treat without even using your eyes, only with one hand easily and quickly!).
  • If you'd like You can hang it on your vest or on your trousers hooks with 2 suitable carabiniers or you can just use it with its belt on your hip.
  • A plastic ball with spring helps to totally close the bag safely and quickly.
  • The pick-up bag holder pouch on the side (what is optional) keeps your bags safe without any waving thing on Your side what can disturb the (beginner) dog's training.
  • Carrier loop for attaching smaller things with carabinier (e.g. pick-up bags in case you want to use your own pick-up bag holder, digital music players, cell phones, etc.)
  • The lifting belt ledges', hooks' and belt's ends are burnt, and rounded by the corners.
  • Strong metal ring on holes to prevent the fluffy areas around the closer string.
  • Washable. (max. 90 Fahrenheit = 32 Celsius)
  • Dimensions:

Depth: 7,9 inches (20 cm)
Length: 5,5 inches (14 cm)
Width: 2,6 inches (7 cm)

Treat Bag Belt:
    • Adjustable belt is especially made for your hip -you need to send me your hip girth before the order.
    • A special lifting belt stopper included, what keeps the length of the belt right there you set and prevents the long waving ends behind.
    • Easily & both side fastenable buckle. (No more worrying about the wrong way fastened and never open again buckles! ;-)
    • 0,8 inches (2 cm) wide.



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