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What is IconoSites?

IconoSites is an award-winning free website builder tool that lets you create a professional website in minutes. It's web-based, so there's nothing to download or install.  And, you don't need to be a technical expert to use it.  You can get started with our Free Plan, then Go Premium when you're ready.  ALL YOU DO IS:

1.  Choose a Design

2.  Launch Your Site

3.  Add Your Content

That's it!  It's elegant, it's easy, and it'll give you the look of a multi-million dollar brand.  So what are you waiting for?

What People Are Saying

"We're attracting and retaining more customers than ever before since we went live with IconoSites. If you're thinking about signing up, don't hesitate.  This website builder is easy, the designs are incredible and the support is fantastic."  

"We've build a whole new level of trust with our clients after upgrading our website with IconoSites.  As a third generation master photographer, reputation and credibility is huge for my business and our new website has allowed us capitalize on it."


The internet is growing so fast, so much that we depend on it to complete a lot of tasks. It allows us to do just about anything; we can buy groceries or check the weather forecast. It is in light of this fact that a lot of us to build our very own web page. Owning a web page introduces a whole new world to you, whether it is simply for a blog or for business purposes.

Never the less, to create a web page from scratch is not an easy job, especially if we are not technologically knowledgeable and the dream of having pur own website may not come easily enough. However, web page building software provides us with an easy to use interface medium in which to create a webpage easily, adding our own personalized look in terms of the content and designs. So, even if you don’t know what CSS and HTML is, your website builder will eradicate this problem, giving you a professional looking and functional website

How to choose the best web builder software?

Available on the market are numerous types of web page builder software and if you are greenhorn to the internet, it can be even more challenging to which features will be most helpful to you. The software that you choose should have the capability to help you design your web pages simply. Some software consists of a variety of advanced features that can help give your website a professional look, therefore more appealing to web users. For quick modifications, transition effects, graphic editing features, and templates a feature like search and replace is good.

Templates can be really helpful; you can use them to create a web page as simply as possible. Depending on the type of software you choose, you may get a number of templates that can give your website a different level of style and professionalism. A number of web page building software have a drag and drop feature that provide an easy and fast use and the entire HTML coding. This is decoded by the software, so in case you don’t know about HTML you can make out what the page will look like. Simply by dragging the image you want, fonts, formats and animations, and put them into their chosen location.

Media and e-commerce:

In order to keep up to date with the latest fashion and their competitors, many website owners are seeking higher forms of media, like, video and flash. These features can be added when you create a web page, while taking care of coding needed for a functional website. 

Why IconoSites? 

100% FREE

No Ads, No contracts, No Set-Up Fees, No credit card required. You simply won't find the quality & features we offer ANYWHERE.

First-Class Designs

Our Designs are tailor-made for the discerning business owner. You'll give the impression that you shelled out the big bucks.

Incredible Features & Apps 

Animated image transitions, beautiful animated drop-down menus, file manager, & more gives you an elite image and powerful functionality. See all the Features.

Extraordinary Support

Extremely fast responses and thorough answers.

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