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What is IconoSites?

IconoSites is a website creator tool that lets you build a business website in minutes.  You don't need to be a technical expert to use it.  And, it's web-based, so there's nothing to download or install.  And, its 100% Free!  ALL YOU DO IS:

1.  Choose a Design

2.  Launch Your Site

3.  Add Your Content

That's it!  It's elegant, it's easy, and it'll give you the look of a multi-million dollar brand.  So what are you waiting for?

What People Are Saying

"If you're thinking about signing up, don't hesitate.  Iconosites is the best free small business website builder available today.  It's easy, the designs are incredible, the support is great - and it's FREE."  

"As a third generation master photographer, I needed a website that would impress my clients and give me the web presence I needed to grow my business. IconoSites is my website solution, I simply can't believe it's FREE.  You won't believe it either."

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There are many website builder free options to consider when deciding to build a business website. Images that are already uploaded and site pages are provided for free members including other files (there are some limitations as seen on the pricing page). Websites will enjoy free hosting if the terms and conditions are abided to and are bound to change anytime.

The service prohibits some contents like pornographic, graphically violent, nude, and obscene and others considered to be inappropriate. The serves blocks directory names, indecent and offensive file which are also prohibited. Content found in a member site is not the responsibility of this private service. When the terms and conditions are violated by any site or page it can be eliminated. The owner of web pages has responsibility over the content and using the homepages is not allowed if illegality is involved. 

Unless you rightfully own the file, no MP3 files, software or programs are allowed on the server. Such files have; arj, .rar, .exe, .mp3, and .tar as extensions. If you there are files not belonging to senders you will not be notified when it is being deleted.

Whether with a reason or not, the account can be terminated by you. The process is simple and involves logging in and going to the section for ‘my account’ .

The service comes with no warranty and is not responsible for your reliance on content that you find in this service and its services can be terminated when they wish to and are not liable if your hard disk fails, your security is interfered with or if the system crashes or if files are corrupted or get lost.

The service does not provide email services but is aware of the problem with spamming. Spamming activities like multiple emailing, mass emailing, mass posting and chartrooms meant for promoting can be reported to us through the provided links.  

Why IconoSites? 

100% FREE Forever Plan.  (There's Premium Plans Too.)

No Ads, No contracts, No Set-Up Fees, No credit card required. You simply won't find the quality & features we offer ANYWHERE.  You can be online in minutes, completely free of charge. We also offer Premium plans (to help us pay the bills).

First-Class Designs

Our Designs are stunning.  They're made for the discerning business owner. With IconoSites, you'll give the impression that you paid thousands of dolllars for your website.

Incredible Features & Apps 

Animated image transitions, beautiful animated drop-down menus, file manager, & more gives you an elite image and powerful functionality. See all the Features.

Extraordinary Support

We're talking first-class service.  Extremely fast responses, thorough answers, along with a vast and growing Tutorial library that shows you how to do just about anything with your website.