Our Mission

1. To help small businesses, Startups, Non-Profit Organizations, & on-the-side businesses to market their products or services and grow their businesses with classy, professional websites.

2. To support the global economy by providing a 100% free, yet still professional website option that gives financially bootstrapped entrepreneurs, companies and organizations a chance to utilize the power of the internet to grow their business when they otherwise could not afford to do so.

3. To inspire and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit within anyone who thinks they have a lucrative idea or has thought of starting a business, who with the help of our 100% free website package, can now bring their idea to reality (or give their idea a chance at success). 

4. To help people achieve the dream of owning their own business and empowering them to make a difference for the future of their family and community.

If you like what we are doing and want to support our mission, please help us spread the movement by spreading the word to your friends and families. If you forward this email, tweet about us, or like us on facebook, you just might help somebody else pursue their dream.  

Our Commitment

1. Stunning Websites Are Built Here - From every design option to every feature, we're here to provide you with websites that deliver stunning visual appeal.

2. Constantly Updating, Constantly Improving - We're never going to stop improving this system, because our driving passion is to make your business more successful. We'll do anything we can to accomplish that.

3. V.I.P. Treatment - Simply put: we're striving to provide mind-blowing support and customer service. We'll respond to your questions & issues fast. We'll even respond on nights and weekends.