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What is IconoSites?

IconoSites is a website creator tool that lets you build a business website in minutes.  You don't need to be a technical expert to use it.  And, it's web-based, so there's nothing to download or install.  And, its 100% Free!  ALL YOU DO IS:

1.  Choose a Design

2.  Launch Your Site

3.  Add Your Content

That's it!  It's elegant, it's easy, and it'll give you the look of a multi-million dollar brand.  So what are you waiting for?

What People Are Saying

"If you're thinking about signing up, don't hesitate.  Iconosites is the best free small business website builder available today.  It's easy, the designs are incredible, the support is great - and it's FREE."  

"As a third generation master photographer, I needed a website that would impress my clients and give me the web presence I needed to grow my business. IconoSites is my website solution, I simply can't believe it's FREE.  You won't believe it either."


Website builder software should be registered so that all features are enabled. Only registered software and the code built using registered software can continue functioning. This software can also be regarded to as Content Management System and it allows you to easily and quickly build a site and also modify or add web pages and content from your web browser quickly. Web builder software includes a wide range of configurable variables for defining site layout. Using these generates a site code which is php based which is then uploaded to your server.

Good software for quality website building should be affordable and easy solution that will enable you to create a professional looking and quality website. Professional websites can be created with no graphical skills or html knowledge and get the added extra’s like calendar, Blog, Guestbook and ecommerce. Therefore not all software for website building require you to have technical skills and not all are limited the proprietary hosting services.

In evaluating Website builder software, there are various features to look into. This includes templates and the soft ware should have a library of templates which must be of professional quality and easy to use. In addition you must be able to download from the software manufacturer’s website.

Analyze the graphic or imaging tools because the site builder software should have large, in-built library of images; that is animated GIFs, clip art, buttons and others. Tools that come with the software should enable you to manipulate images and to automatically preview them at various resolutions when necessary.

Due to the technical nature of website creation, the software should have a help system and comprehensive user guide. Building tutorials may also be come with the software or be available on the manufacturer’s website. A telephone number and customer service email address should be provided in case one needs further assistance.

The software needs to have a wide variety of features such allowing you to edit html code directly, ecommerce facilities for business websites, multimedia support, built-in FTP functions and ability to incorporate scripts like JavaScript and VBScript.

When acquiring software for website building, it is not all about the web being made very fast, being attractive to users. The most important part is the functionality of the website. The appeal of a website can be enhanced by identifying website builder software that help users add better and more features fashionably.

Why IconoSites? 

100% FREE

Yep, that's right.  IconoSites is 100% FREE!  You won't find features like these on a free website platform ANYWHERE.  So take advantage of it today.  And, spread the word!

First-Class Designs

Our Designs are tailor-made for the discerning business owner. You'll give the impression that you shelled out the big bucks.

Incredible Features & Apps 

Animated image transitions, beautiful animated drop-down menus, file manager, & more gives you an elite image and powerful functionality. See all the Features and Add-On Apps.