New Feature Update & Bug Fixes | Free Website Builder

In our latest update, we added a few important features we thought we would mention here:

The Javascript Image Transitioner

This could quite possibly be the coolest feature of any small business free website builder that exists.  The Image Transitioner allows you to upload your images and create an animated slideshow from it.  You can pick from over a dozen transition effects.  You can add text and links to each image.   This feature is very important because it will take the design look and feel of your website to the next level.  Normally, adding an Image Transitioner to a new business website would cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  With IconoSites, you can not only add an Image Transitioner, but you can use a different one on every page!  Just take a moment and imagine how impressive of a website you can create with this feature at your fingertips.

You can now add virtually any add-on application to your website with one simple copy and paste.  Google Analytics, Wazala eCommerce, Jotforms, and so much more (check out our page of recommended add-on applications).   Furthermore, you have the ability to specify if the add-on app should only appear on a specific web page, or if it should appear site wide.  This gives you amazing control over the look and feel of your small business website.

Browser Compatibility

Initially, when we launched IconoSites it was only compatible with the Google Chrome browser.  Now, it is compatible with virtually any browser on a PC or Mac.

Bug Fixes

In addition to the new features that were added, a couple notable bugs were fixed.  These were:

  • Pages disappearing/reappearing (after refreshing page) when moving them.   The pages no longer disappear.
  • Image Uploader for the Page Header Image not working (broken link).   The link now works perfectly.
  • Missing instructional video for the “My Web Pages”  page.   This video is now posted.

Thank you all for your continued feedback and support.  You are helping us improve the system and we look forward to providing you with more features and updates in the coming weeks.


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