Add a Free Social Toolbar to Your Website with our Free Website Builder

wibiya social toolbar for a free website builder

You can add a free social toolbar with links to your twitter, facebook, or YouTube page with Wibiya.   All you have to do is visit, sign up for an account, and input your data for your Twitter, Facebook, and or any other accounts that they allow you to integrate with their system (there’s quite a few…so you’ll have to check it out!).  Then, Wibiya provides you with a string of code that you simply copy and paste into your IconoSites website using our free website builder.   There is no “coding” necessary, and no technical knowledge required!

If you would like to have more customization and options, Wibiya offers a premium account, which we have implemented onto our own website at  You can see our Wibiya toolbar located on the very bottom center of the screen, which we have color coordinated and sized specifically for our website - all within the extremely easy-to-use Wibiya platform.

What we love about the Wibiya toolbar is that it allows us to display our twitter, facebook, and youtube feeds directly on our website with one click.   This has resulted in more facebook “likes”, more “tweets” about our free website creator, and more views of our YouTube videos.  All of this helps establish further trust for our fast growing brand.  Bottom line - the Wibiya toolbar delivers results.

For your convenience, we have made a video to show you how easy it is to install a Wibiya toolbar to your IconoSites website:


  • Matt Van Der Laar

    this is awesome!  the wibiya toolbar added some great functionality to my website.  thanks for the tip!

    • Bob Charles

      hope it helps your biz!  that’s what were here for!

  • alex

    cool idea, i never knew it was so easy to add facebook and twitter to my website.

    • Bob Charles

      This is definitely the easiest solution.  Don’t need a programmer, don’t need to pay anything at all.  That’s why we recommend it.

  • matt van der laar

    i’ve seen this toolbar popping up everywhere lately.  didn’t know it was free!

    • Bob Charles

      Yep, totally free.  There’s also a premium version which allows you to “unlock” some special features.  For example, you can add your logo to the toolbar.

  • josh

    cool video.  using this toolbar with the free website builder you offer looks like a win win

    • Bob Charles

      Give it a try!  You can see the one on our home page…

  • Jimmy

    i didn’t know this until i checked it out thanks to this video, but there also ways to make money with it.  pretty good way to make money with the website you made using your website creator

    • Bob Charles

      There certainly are a lot of ways to make money with our free website creator, and this social toobar addition is really going to help you on the marketing side of things.

  • Kelly

    pretty cool tool especially when it’s paired with a website maker, nice video!

    • Social

      We agree.  The combination of the Wibiya tollbar and our free website builder makes the implementation of a social toolbar extremely easy.

  • Andrew

    that wibiya toolbar has so many features, thanks for the sharing that with us!  it makes your website creator that much more valuable.

    • Bob Charles

      glad you like it.  We like it too! 

  • sthe

    Thank you for your video, nice and easy, no complication short and sweet! even me i can do it, Love it

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