Add Wazala eCommerce Store to Your IconoSites Website

We have fallen in love with the Wazala eCommerce platform.  It is not only simple and easy to both use and install onto your IconoSites small business website, but it maintains the high quality look and feel that is vital to so many of you.  Therefore we think its a perfect fit if you want to add eCommerce to your IconoSites website, and have now added Wazala to our short list of recommended add-on apps.

How To Install Wazala

Here’s our short how-to video, to help you install Wazala with just a few clicks.  Here it is:

If you have any thoughts, questions, or comments about Wazala or the Iconosites small business website creator, please let us know in the comments section below!

  • Demonsoul28

    Nice commerce store with no need to program the codes. Nice video tutorial

    • Anonymous

      Thanks.  We spent some time to make a good video that was as clear and helpful as possible about all the options you have for implementing Wazala onto your website.

  • Derezzed

    This is the most easiest store addon i have seen so far, and there is no need for coding but easy click and install and i love it! Thanks and great video

    • Anonymous

      well said.  It couldn’t be any easier.  The best part is how good it looks once its on your site.

  • Mingh

    great addon and easy to install, i like the button that stays on top and gives a good professional look.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Mingh, it really is that easy.  One copy and paste, and your store is live.

  • Wazala!

    Hi IconoSites

    We absolutely love the professional video you did! Great job showcasing how easy it is to install Wazala to your site. So appreciated.
    A big thank you from the Wazala Team!

    • iconosites

      Happy to do it Wazala!  We love your ecommerce platform and think it is a perfect compliment to for our small business website creator.  Just as easy to use….and just as beautiful.

  • Mr Serious

    free website maker

  • Votre-site-internet

    Hello, I work in a website creation company in France and I was looking for some informations about Wazala, that’s when I found you. IconoSites is also a very nice solution ! I’m gonna give a look to it while I’m at it.

    Kind regards, 

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