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In the latest update to our small business free website creator, we focused mainly on usability.  Improving usability, or “ease-of-use”, is our main driving focus whenever we approach new development to the IconoSites software.  We take a lot of time to explore and test every possible way that a new feature can be programmed and delivered to our users.  Furthermore, whenever we add a new feature, we compliment it with a how-to video as well as a help tooltip (for those of you who prefer to read) on how to use it.    In the end, we are confident that we come up with the most logical solution that makes life easier for our users to build their small business websites.   And, if our users suggest that there’s a better way, we are always open to making the necessary adjustments.

Without further adieu, here are the main points of the update:

Admin Tour

When you first logged into your admin panel, you may have wondered how or where to get started.  Now, new users will see an admin tour that pops up the first time they log in.  It’s a quick tour that takes you around the main aspects of the page you are on, to help you get started and make you feel more at home.

After the tour for that page is over (you can also skip it if you prefer), you won’t see it again unless you recall it by clicking on the “Tour” button which is conveniently placed in the lower right of your footer toolbar.   This is also how existing users can see the Tour.  So if you’re excited about taking the tour, go ahead and login and check it out!

Individual Help “Tooltips”

We have placed question mark buttons next to each feature in the admin panel.  When you click on them, a tooltip pops up that briefly explains what the feature does and how to use it.  The purpose of these tooltips is to provide you with “instant gratification” help and support with the feature you are using.

Individual How-to Videos

Next to the question mark tooltip buttons are video buttons.  While the tooltips provide a brief explanation of each particular feature, the videos provide in depth walk-through of how to actually use the particular feature and all of its options.  Again, we try to provide a video for every individual feature in the admin to deliver instant gratification help and support to you.


  • Matt Van Der Laar

    this new feature makes the website creator even easier to use.  very clean and simple.  i appreciate it!

  • alex

    pretty cool, this website creator is awesome

  • John

    i’ve tried lots of different sites before but this website maker is one of my favorites!

  • shelly

    the how to videos make using the website creator even easier!

  • Max

    the admin tour for this website creator is pretty helpful

  • Shane

    when a company is open to suggestions like you are with your free website builder, it shows they care about their customers

  • Mr Serious

    free website creator

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