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Version 1.5

Status: In Progress
Approximate Date: April 30th, 2012
Details: Video Gallery

Version 1.3

Status: Completed
Approximate Date: April 1st, 2012
Details: Contact Form application

Version 1.28

Status: Completed
Approximate Date: February 1st, 2012
Details: This update includes:

  • Reseller System (for White Labeling)

This will allow users to “private label” the IconoSites system and resell it to their own customers.

Version 1.27

Status: Completed
Approximate Date: December 21, 2011
Details: This update includes:

  • Major Bug fixes with Internet Explorer browser
  • Added more prominent “Tip” and “Video” buttons for the embedded Tutorials
  • 3 New Designs Added

Version 1.25

Status: Completed
Approximate Date: December 19, 2011
Details: This update includes:

  • Professional Photo Gallery

Version 1.242

Status: Completed
Implemented: Nov. 12, 2011
Details: This update includes:

  • Approximately 4 new professional/corporate design layouts
  • Improved Logo/Slogan Functionality - you will be able to select different font types, change colors, size, & more.
  • Fix for Firefox browser bug - If you use the Firefox browser, you may have noticed a bug with uploading images to the Header Image section.  This will be addressed.
  • Improvements to the “Domains” section.  Better instructions for setting up your own custom domain name.

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  • Bill N.

    I have been seeing this site everywhere under the term “easy web site creator” on google and even on yahoo even though having a SEO ranking there does not really mean anything since google has more than 90% of traffic anyway.. Atleast the good one.
    Anyhow, I am downloading the 1.28 version as of now, thanks.

    • Bob Charles

      You are right.  So there’s only one way to find out how awesome our web site builder really is, and that is to try it for yourself.  

      • H1SWarrior

         It is awesome, just started a few days ago, and it’s coming out amazingly!!! Thanks Iconosites!!!!

      • TCampbell92981

        I am LOVING Iconosites! I specifically made it my task this week to create a few seperate web pages using a few different companies (Learned from friends that choosing the wrong website too soon was a big mistake). It only took me my first couple of minutes on this website, after using at least two others, to KNOW that this is the best one out there. Upgrading my plan ASAP. Thanks everyone at Iconosites! The fact that it is free only makes me want to pay MORE because I know the perks will be that much more amazing!

  • Rin

    I suppose this works..

  • Norrymel Niez

    Allow some advertisers to post their ads in our website, so that we can earn and upgrade our website with paying.

    • Bob Charles

      Thanks for your comment Norrymel!  We have added this to our development list and will consider it in a future update.  

  • Ishtiyaq Hussain Allaqband

    This is an amazing website making. Although I had tried many before, but all are of less standard compared to Iconosites. But only one thing is disturbing, :”free website builder” that appears in Iconosites logo. Even if the administration try to remove it, there standard will not be effected, instead will be effective….Anyway THANKS to Iconosites People.

    • Anonymous

      HI Ishtiyaq,

      Thanks for your comments. That logo you mention is for marketing purposes, as our website builder is free.  If you would like to have a free website with us, then you need to display that logo.  However, this can be easily removed if you upgrade to one of our paid plans.  

  • Samcbrien2012


    • Anonymous

      To add paypal links, please see our tutorial in our Support Center -

  • Angelsingltterproductions

    Can you add a guestbook or feedback area where visitors can comment?

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