Improvements to IconoSites Business Website Builder - v1.11 Release

This latest update included some great features that mark some major improvements for our small business website builder at   Here they are:

1. Admin Design

If you were an early beta tester, you probably noticed that the admin design was a little on the boring side.  We did this early on to keep things as simple as possible, and that proved to be successful.  However, we felt it needed a little face lift.  So we implemented a new look that gives our business website software a more professional appearance yet maintains the simplicity and ease of use.

2. Change Font Sizes

You now have the ability to change the font size in the content areas of your business website.   Initially, we had limited this feature because each design was carefully crafted by professional graphic designers and we thought that users would want to maintain the look and feel provided to them.  However, we always gave users the option to change any font style in the CSS of the design, but to do that required knowledge of CSS.  It turns out that this was too limiting.  So, we just added the capability to change the font size in the WYSIWYG.

3. Change Font Color

Similar to the font sizes, you can now change the font colors in the WYSIWYG.  This gives you a lot more flexibility with what you can accomplish with our small business website creator.

4. Support Module

Notice on the left side of your navigation you will see a Support section.  Frankly, we’re thrilled about this feature.  We’ve now given our users any easy way to send us a quick message, search the Knowledge Base for answers to their questions, or submit feedback or ideas to us.  The feedback area is awesome because it also allows you to vote on other people’s ideas, providing us with a great way to see which features you want to see next.

When you need a business website, you just need a lot of capabilities and flexibility with how you can do it.  That’s the beauty of using a business website builder.  Stay tuned as we continue to provide more updates to the software in the coming weeks.  We’ve got a lot in store for you.

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