Get Your Small Business Website - Beta Version 1.1 is now live

Hello Friends,


The beta version of just launched a few weeks ago, and while this is just a start for us, we are very pleased to say that the feedback so far has been overwhelming.

We wanted to take this opportunity to give you some inside baseball on the IconoSites platform.  In other words - who we are, where we are now, and where we are going - from our perspective.  Here we go:

  • IconoSites is a website solution for small businesses who are serious about their online presence.  It is not intended for personal use.
  • The main differentiating element of IconoSites is our design options.  Normally website building tools like this have very templatey-looking designs that give a low class impression.  On the contrary, ours are professional, stylish, and give a high class impression to visitors.
  • While we have beta launched with 20 design layouts, there will be many more added shortly.
  • Complimenting our design layouts is our “Transitioner”.  This is the main image animation you can see on our home page.   There are tons of different transition effects and you have the ability to add your own text, links, and more.  Our transitioner will put your website in a different league.
  • The features you currently see in the administrative panel are just a start.  We have many more currently in progress.  Most importantly, we’d like you to know that we will never stop developing and adding features to make this system better for you and your small business.
  • We are not sure how long the beta period will last, but as soon as it is done we will begin charging users a monthly fee.
  • IconoSites is not for everybody.  There certainly are plenty of other cheap options for a website out there, and were not competing with them.  We have designed our system to appeal to professional businesses who care about how they look online.

That’s all for now.  If you have any suggestions or thoughts, please drop us a comment below.  We need to hear from you.


Team IconoSites

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