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Introduction to the Guerrillaneur Blog

Guerrillaneur:  [guh-ril-uh-noor] -noun.  A “guerrilla” entrepreneur.   An entrepreneur who is passionately devoted to the use of less conventional or “guerrilla” tactics and strategies as a means to run the most profitable business possible, without doing anything illegal, immoral, or unethical.   An entrepreneur with a track record of successfully utilizing guerilla strategies to start, grow, and sell venture(s).

Whether you know it or not - if you found this blog, it’s because you are a Guerrillaneur already, or you are well on your way to becoming one.

The Guerrillaneur Blog is a product of IconoSites.com, because IconoSites is a product that was tailor-made with the Guerrillaneur in mind.  For why would an entrepreneur spend $5,000 for a business website, when they can get something similar or better for a nominal monthly fee and no contract?  They wouldn’t.  But if that same entrepreneur didn’t know that IconoSites existed, or didn’t know where to find it, they’d be stuck in a box thinking that they needed a couple grand to launch a credible business website.   Hence the need for the Guerrillaneur Blog.  Entrepreneurs now have a place to find the less known and less conventional tips, tactics, and strategies they need to run a more profitable business.

The Guerillaneur Explained

While the term “entrepreneur” paints with a broad brush stroke and defines any business starter/owner (such as a rookie entrepreneur or an accidental entrepreneur), within it lies the “Guerrillaneurs”, a very narrow and distinct subgroup of entrepreneurs.

The term “guerrilla” has its origins in warfare and is defined as a person or group who engages in irregular strategies and tactics to combat a larger, more organized and well funded enemy.  Guerrillaneurs are just this, however, their battlefield is business and their enemy is the larger, better funded corporation.

We came up with the term “Guerrillaneur” to define us and many other entrepreneurs we know who share a certain counter-cultural mentality about how to start, operate, grow, and ultimately sell a business.

Before we go further, we want to emphasize that the Guerrillaneur is a morally and ethically sound business person.  Guerrillaneur’s are against those who engage in pirating, hacking, and/or any other illegal or unethical tactics used in business.

Describing the Guerillaneur Mentality

Guerrillaneur mentality can be best defined as a passionate and endless pursuit of:

  • Creative ways to save money
  • Creative ways to find & create efficiencies
  • Clever, unconventional ways to market their products/services
  • Clever ways to engage their audience in order to build a loyal, grassroots following
  • Tools & software that will create efficiencies and advantages
  • Books, blogs, and other resources to learn and stay ahead of the game
  • New opportunities to make a profit

Why?  The obvious answer is that the Guerrillaneur wants to serve the best interests of their current company or companies, and these tactics will certainly do so.

What Separates the Guerillaneur

Every entrepreneur wants to serve the best interests of their company.  However, what separates and distinguishes Guerrillaneurs is the following:

  • Guerrillaneurs are increasingly adept at identifying which expenses are worth it, which are not, and which should be substituted with a lower cost/better alternative.  As result, often times where other companies make swift, less informed decisions to spend money, the Guerrillaneur is saving money.
  • Guerrillaneurs can start, build, and run a company with staggeringly low operating costs compared to other companies with equivalent revenues and similar circumstances.
  • Guerrillaneurs know how to penetrate their industry’s trenches in order to engage and win the hearts and minds of their customers.  It’s a bottom up approach.  By doing so, Guerrillaneurs regularly displace establishment competitors.
  • Guerrillaneurs are rarely affected during economic downturns, and more often than not manage to grow their companies at a high rate during these periods.
  • Guerrillaneurs understand that they must continually learn to stay ahead of the times.   Guerrillaneurs are themselves voracious readers & researchers.  But they also build and rely on a vast network of advisors who provide expert advice in fields other than their own.

The Bottom Line:  What Drives the Guerillaneur

  • The Guerrillaneurs are on a perpetual mission to lower operating costs and increase revenues, and to ever widen the margin between both.  This results in an incredibly profitable business, especially when compared to their competitors.
  • The Guerrillaneurs plan to exit from their ventures (i.e. sell the company for a large capital gain).  We’ve heard a lot of people say things like “But I don’t think I’ll want to sell my company.”   It doesn’t matter if you want to sell your company.  That’s not the point.  The point is that you need to start, grow, and operate your company to be as profitable and competitive as possible.  Whether you want to sell it or not, a good company is one attractive enough to be bought.
  • The Guerrillaneur plans to start new, bigger ventures in the future.   Guerrillaneurs understand that these new ventures, regardless of the industry they are in, will all benefit from these incredible resources and will give their companies a unique advantage.

The Purpose of This Blog:  Sharing Guerrillaneur Tactics

Given this, it should be pretty obvious that Guerrillaneurs have a wealth of strategic and tactical knowledge to share.  And that brings us to the purpose of this blog:  To create a resource where Guerrillaneurs share inside tips, tricks, techniques, and strategies with other entrepreneurs and Guerillaneurs.  All here to help you.

For example, here’s a few topics we plan to cover:

  • Insightful “underground” articles on how to start, manage, and grow a startup.  This will not be your typical boiler plate article.  It will instead contain serious guerilla (i.e. less discovered or not yet popular in the mainstream) tactics/resources that will save entrepreneurs time, money, & improve efficiencies.
  • Recommendations on software to use, blogs/mags/books to read, other articles or tools that will help you run a more profitable business
  • Guest posts from other Guerrillaneurs and small business experts who can provide content in line with our mission/strategy

As stated above, Guerrillaneurs are against hacking, pirating, and any other illegal, unethical, or immoral means of doing business.  Therefore this blog will NOT have any posts that endorse/advocate anything of this nature and when we are made aware, we will immediately remove any user comments that do the same.

We Want You to Share & Engage

So if you’re an entrepreneur, or if you’re a Guerrillaneur, we’d like to welcome you.  And, we encourage you to engage by commenting on posts and asking questions.   If you have something to suggest, suggest it.   If there’s a topic you’d like us to cover, let us know.  Or just let us know how you’re doing with the Guerrillaneur tactics we’re posting about.  We want to hear from you.

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