Want to SEO Your Small Business Website? I’ll Save You Tons - Part One

SEO Your Small Business Website

A lot of entrepreneurs start a business and the first thing on their mind is how they can get to the top of Google or Yahoo! searches when they set up a business website.  So, they immediately start doing research and looking for SEO service providers.  Many of them move forward and start paying hundreds if not thousands – every month — on their first SEO campaign.  If this is you, stop right now.  THIS IS THE WRONG WAY TO APPROACH SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.  In this article, I’m going to show entrepreneurs exactly how they should approach SEO for their small business website.  If you follow my approach in this article, you will save yourself thousands of dollars in mistakes, setup fees, and more.  You’ll also educate yourself by learning the essential elements of SEO, which will empower you to make better decisions as an entrepreneur.

Is SEO Right for my Business?  How To Find Out

The above video walks you through exactly how to approach the following steps:

  1. Find the Right Keywords
  2. Pay for some PPC Advertising (Google Adwords)
  3. Analyze the Results
    1. Are you producing leads?
    2. Are your leads converting into sales?
    3. Which keywords are producing the most sales for you?
  4. You Decide:  Is it worth it to pay for an SEO campaign?
  5. Select 5-10 of the top producing keywords
  6. On your online business website, create a unique Title, Meta Keywords & Description for each page.  We will show you how you can do this in one minute with Iconosites small business website creator tool.

In the next post in this series Want to SEO Your Small Business Website?  I’ll Save You Tons - Part Two, I’ll show you how to tackle the next crucial step in SEO:  content.  You’ll learn why, as well as how to create the right content when you build a business website, all on your own without having to pay anyone.


  • Kristin

    test test test

  • Ahmhhj

    So helpful topic. I used to think SEO is very hard and wasted bucks trying to get it right with no success, Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      you can waste a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re doing.  Glad it helped!

  • Dawson2312

    My problem was that i spend on various advertising websites and get very few leads and very little sales, after SEO it’s different.. your seo coaching is good

    • Anonymous

      SEO can be a windfall if done properly.  I tried to stick to the core fundamentals here in this article series.  Personally I don’t have a lot of time, so I need to stick to the strategies that work and forget the ones that dont.  Fortunately I have a lot of experience ranking websites so I know that the above strategy works.  

  • https://twitter.com/djmagic112 Mr Serious

    free website maker

    • Bob Charles

      indeed it is!

  • Jennifer

    True man, it is easy to get on the wrong track with SEO. Thanks man.

    • Bob Charles

      No problem.  There are so many different opinions on what to do with SEO that it can be extremely overwhelming to entrepreneurs with a new business website to deal with.  Our goal was to cut through the BS and give you a formula that actually works, based on experience.

  • barney

    so, will this easy web site creator always remain free or am I missing something here

    • Bob Charles

      Yes, there will always be a free version of the IconoSites website builder.  You aren’t missing anything.  Website building has never been easier, or cheaper!  

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