How to Create a Website with a Chat Room

Add chat room to website

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a website with a chat room.  Get people talking about you, your products and services, and the great things you provide right on your small business website.  Many entrepreneurs do this to start creating a community right on their website.  While this is only meant for certain businesses who can really value from adding a chat room when they make a website, it can be an immensely powerful tool.  We’ll show you how to add a chat room quickly with our free website builder.

1. Go the link  then click the Add to your webpage button. Please see screenshot below.

How to create a website

2. Next click the Get the code button then copy the code to be embedded into your Iconosite web page.

Create a website

3. Login to your Iconosite website builder account and create a new page called Chatroom. Please see screenshot below.

Site builder

4. Name your page as Chatroom then click the HTML button. Please see screenshot below.

Add chat room to website

5. Page the code into the HTML Source Editor then click the UPDATE button.  Please see screenshot below.

Add a chat room to your website

6. Next is to set the following settings to your page in order for your chat room to work.

Add chat room to your website

7. Save your work and you’re done.

Site builder

8. You should now have a chat room page in your Iconosite website. Finish.

Add chat room to website

  • Johanna

    I thought this was only for big companie´s websites, is really great that there is a posibility to create a website this cool, it will definitely improve my sales having this and other features you provide with easy to follow tutorials. 

    • Nolan

       Let me say that since I installed the chatroom after creating my free website I was able to get and give feedback to my clients on the spot! Also I was able to read what my clients are talking about and take all that in account to bring a better service.

  • Artie

    Having a chatroom is the best oportunity to be in direct contact with clients, sometimes they need answers to very specific questions or they need help during a process, maybe to download something or to acces somewhere, so this is one I´ll definitely use today and add it to my site.  This free website builder has been great help for me and my associate to raise the online part of our business.

  • Britany

    It took ten minutes for me to add the chat room to my free website, its great I can´t wait to see how it works the next couple of days, I´m excited to read what my clients want to know, to talk to them or see what they talk between them, it would give me great information for sure. 

    • John

      It took minutes to me too, in fact the time it took to create a website was relatively very short, is amazing what builders like this can do for people who know how to manage a computer but are not programming experts.

  • Hillary

    The chat room has worked like charm on my site the last few days, I had been thinking the past weeks how to make a website that already works to work even better and the chat room has been the answer and is very cool to have it. I can really see what people think, I was able to guide some clients.  

    • Laurelay

       The chat room has also helped me connect more with my visitors, I don´t sell a product but I write articles everyday and I love when people give me fresh Ideas and the chatroom has helped me a lot for choosing new topics and so research I´ve never thought of. Reading opinions and sharing them is a great way to keep people comming back to my site. I think I will create a website soon for my photography art and I will add the chatroom to.

  • Jillian

    I´ve had the chatroom on my page for some days now, and I´ve already made a routine out of checking every conversation every day, it really brings lots of information that I need to know to make my work get better and it was really great that I could add this by myself, since not long ago I had no idea of how to make a website.

    • Bob Charles

      Chat rooms can help increase visitor activity on your website, by keeping them engaged and present for a longer period of time.  As you said, you can really learn a lot about what your visitors are looking for if you actively monitor the discussions.  That’s why we recommend that certain businesses use our free website builder to add a chat room when they create a website - even if only for a limited period of time.  The benefits can be enormous.

  • Emily

    I added the chatroom to my website and it was easier than I thought, for a free website it can be a huge difference to have this tool cause it gives clients the chance to communicate in a direct way, I´ve seen results already and learned things I didn´t know six months ago when I opened my business.

  • Armand

    I was reading some of your tutorials and I really like this site, it really tells how to make a website in the best way a non professional can, I´ve used some of the tools you offer and they work well too, so I just wanted to say your site is great.

    • Bob Charles

      Thanks Armand, our goal is to have the most professional, sophisticated, and classy website builder available.  Part of our commitment to doing that is providing website building tutorials like this.  We sincerely hope that they help you.


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  • Cortney

    I can’t get my chatroom up because the HTML thing isn’t there so I can’t get it up like that, any other ideas????

  • hailey

    so in everyone perspective towards this tutorial wat would be the rate 1-10 ?

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