How to Build a Free Website with a Forum | Add Forum to Website

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add a forum to a website, using the IconoSites free website building platform.  With IconoSites, you can build a free website in minutes with no technical knowledge whatsoever.

Video Tutorial

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial, here it is
(otherwise, continue with the written tutorial below):

Written Tutorial

1. Sign up for free account at Click here to sign up now. Choose which package appropriate for your usage.

2. Next sign in using one of your account: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Paypal, Open ID, Blogger, more. Go ahead and sign in now. Please see screenshot below:

3. In this example, Yahoo account is being used to sign in. Additional permission may require, click Agree button.

4. Once you’ve sign in to your account, click the Copy to Clipboard button to copy the embed code of the forum. You’ll be going to paste it in your Iconosites webpage later on.

5. Next, login to your Iconosites account and click on Add Page as shown in the screenshot below:

6. Next is to just name the new page. In this example, name it as Forum. Please see screenshot below:

7. Next click the HTML tool to open the HTML Source Editor. This is where you’re going to paste the Talki forum code. Go ahead click it now. Please see screenshot below:

8. Paste the Talki code in the HTML Source Editor and click Update button after doing so.

9. Click SAVE button to finish your work.

10. Check your Iconosite Forum page, you should see like the image below:

Congratulations!  You just learned how to build a free website with a forum.  Now, all you need to do is promote your forum wherever you can to get the conversation going.  The more activity you have in the forum, the better.  You might want to ask a few customers of whom you have a close relationship with to help you get it started.  Once your visitors see that there is an active community happening, they will be more apt to participate.

How to Build a Free Website in Minutes

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  • Zonya

    This is like a  ”how to create a website” for dummies. I´ve been reading your tutorials and working on a website, and believe me I´m a computer ignorant and I´ve been able to succeed adding gallery, forum, and catalog to my website, first one took a while but the other two came easy, so thanks a lot. 

    • Bob Charles

      Hi Zonya, thanks for the compliment!  That’s actually exactly what we are trying to do.  ”How to create a website a website for dummies” is actually a pretty good analogy to use here…thanks again and good luck with your website building!

      • Zonya

        The good thing is that a year before now I wouldn´t had even try to create a web site by myself, and then I heard friends talking they were already doing it and told me about this kind of sites and yours is excellent, I found the video is amazing by the way.

  • Lamar

    Forums are a great feature on a website, it gives clients the opportunity to discuss any subject of interest, is really great nowadays is so easy to create a web site with forum for visitors, for the creator is a great chance to know what visitors are looking for.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Lamar, we tried to make it as easy as possible to make a website with a forum.  A lot of our members requested this feature, as its becoming much more popular in the web 2.0 world.

      • Lamar

         Thanks to you man, I´ve already build a website and added a forum and other features, great job if making it easier was your goal.

  • Carl

    I think its important to add a forum when you build a website for many reasons, but I was wondering if it includes a word censoring system or if that has to be done separately, Thank you for the tutorial it is very interesting.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Carl, this is a good point and also a good question.  My suggestion is that if you plan to make a website with a forum, and you want to know about all the different specifications and features of it, to go check out first.  What I can tell you is that it’s a very robust forum, it looks great on a website, and it’s extremely easy to add during the website building process.  

      • kathy

        Thank you this was also a question I had since I´m working hard to build a website and having a forum is a must.

  • Yvon

    I just finished installing the forum and the video tutorial was excellent, love the look of the forum and i hope that this week i will already start to see posts. To create a web site i completely recommend Iconsites it was simple and easy, the best part of the forum is that i can use my facebook account to log in, that is a great feature.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Yvon!  We appreciate the comments. The visual look of the forum is what attracted us to in the first place.  The fact that you can build a website with the quality of IconoSites and couple it with a forum is a fantastic combination. It is well-built web applications like that make website builders like IconoSites extra valuable…

  • Tommy

    Adding the forum page was so easy! If you build a website and have no experience using html or ccs don´t worry, what you see in the tutorial is really all you need to do to create a website with a forum page! This is the first website i buil and really don´t have much experience but this was so easy I still can´t believe it. Love the look of the forum and my friends are already using it :)

    • Anonymous

      Hi Tommy, I’m glad you’ve figured out how to make a website with a Forum, and especially that you’ve got it up and running already!  Normally, the hardest part is getting people to start commenting on it…

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