How to Create a Free Website with a Commenting Tool

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a website with a commenting tool by Disqus. Disqus is one of the most popular and powerful tools to use to allow your website visitors to leave comments on your pages. It’s also extremely easy to use. Here, we’ll show you how to add it using the Iconosites website builder,where anyone can build a free website in minutes.

1. Sign up for free at site and then login. Click the ADD button found in your dashboard. Please see the screenshot below.

2.  Next you need to add/register the URL or the website address of your Iconosites web page just like the example below. Also provide a Sitename and Shortname, the latter will be the unique identifier of your website. Then click the CONTINUE button when you’re done. Please see the example screenshot below.

3. Next scroll down a little bit and click the Universal Code link just like what you see in the screenshot below.

4. Next highlight and copy the entire code, you can press on your keyboard CTRL A to select all then hit CTRL C to copy. You’ll going to paste this code into your webpage later on. Please see the example below.

5. Next, login to your Iconosite free website builder account and select which page to place the Disqus comment tool. In this example, we are going to place it on News - Article One page. So just click the Edit link. Please see screenshot below.

6. Next scroll downward and click the HTML tool from your content editor. This will bring up the HTML Source Editor. Please see screenshot below.

7. On your HTML Source Editor, paste the Disqus Code just below your content text. Then type the Shortname (refer to step 2) to complete the configuration. Please see the screenshot and pay attention to the highlighted text and where the arrow points – this is where you’re going to replace and type the Shortname. Click the UPDATE button when you’re done.

8. Save your work by clicking the SAVE & KEEP EDITING button. Please see screenshot below.

9. Finally checkout your website and see it in action. You should be able to see Disqus comment tool below your content. See finish work below.

  • Marlon

    Having comment tool is really cool since I can know what people think about a post, even if they say they didn´t like it that also helps too, this is an amazing web builder it has lots of great and easy to follow tutorials. 

  • Christy

    I was just waiting for this tutorial to arrive, this is something I always wanted to have on my page cause it gives lots of information about what visitors think,  since I post on a daily basis I hope I get lots of comments, your really give nice tools to people who is wondering how to create a website or how to make their existing website more appealing and useful.

  • Richard Sparks

    Just a perfect website that I stumbled upon. Was looking for ways how I could have my commenting included. I guess I’ve found it now. And, definitely very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Miriam

    You should really try it, it takes minutes to install and is worth it, as you say, it allows you to know what your visitors or clients think about an article or a product, I´ve found it really useful since I sell online and having the chance to read peoples comments is great, there are many other features and tutorials that this web builder provides.

  • StickerCreator

    I love this your free website creator, I have created my site and I love the way it looks now, I have tons of cool apps in it and I believe that comments are a huge way to get feedback from visitors, plus it gives new visitors insight from other visitors about your products. 

  • Candy

    I already have some comments in my site, it turns out people actually like my recipies and cook them at home, is really cool to know, I was also able to answer some questions for some peoplem it has been a great thing this website builder has this tutorial, it was very easy to do.

  • Helga

    Using this website builder to add the  comment tool on my webpage has made it possible for me to read my visitors opinion and it has given me great ideas to make my work better and maybe more productive.

  • Scott

    I have to say you´re right, sometimes people´s comments bring great ideas to make your  business better, I also added this tool to my site using this website builder and it works well, I guess there is always a way to use everything available to make a website better.

  • Kirsten

    This website builder is really good I agree it has been a great thing for me in the process of making a site for my new business and it looks great I had comments already from some visitors and other tutorials I´ve read here have also helped.

  • Mark

    I love how my posts look with the comment tool under, is like inviting people to say what they think about it, is a good way to tell people who go into the free website that their opinion is important.

  • Support

    The comment tool should be used carefully and sparingly, just so it doesn’t get your web pages out of control.  If you want to use it on your products and services pages in order to provide social proof, that can be a big help.  Just make sure you monitor them for spam or inappropriate comments.  The great part is that this disqus tool can be added or removed in seconds with our site builder.

  • Joseph

    I was just reading these comments and you´re absolutely right this is something I didn´t think about, I guess there are always chances of spam and things to take care about, still I think is very good feature to have in my site so I´ll be using this website builder for that and for other things I want to have on my page.

  • Carl Megan

    I didn´t think I would find this for free, so I added it to my page without hesitation, and I started exploring your site and found lots of stuff that will definitely make the free website I´m creating a lot better.

  • Support

    Glad you found it Richard.  Let us know how easy it is for you to implement with our website builder.  Also, let us know the impact it has on your web pages…

  • Support

    When you add a commenting tool to your free web site, you are certainly inviting others to share their thoughts about your products or services for all to see.  You need to keep this in mind.  You also need to keep in mind that comments will significantly lengthen your web page (just look at this page as an example), and it could divert the focus of your visitors.  These are all things to consider when you are learning how to make a website.  

  • Jannie

    This was easy to do, the tutorial is right on the spot, commenting is key to any site and if you use facebook you are used to commenting and so is everybody else that uses the internet. When you create a free website you want to get all the apps that many website developers charge you for and here you get them for free, very cool!

  • Anonymous

    going to do the same thing

  • Anonymous

    thats right, with the comment feature the website is not gonna be an monotonous one

  • Anonymous

    maybe you can ban the spammers or to put access only for registered users

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