How to Create a Website with a Date and Time Tool

How to make a website

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a website with a date and time tool.  This can be a valuable tool for certain types of small business websites where providing a date and time reference for your visitors can help you further sell your products and services.  Below is a step-by-step guide for how to add this tool to your website using the IconoSites free website builder.

1. Go here.

2. You may type a message or title of your calendar then click the Get the code button.

3. Next copy the code. You’ll be placing this code in your webpage later on. Please see screenshot.

4. Login to your Iconosites free website account then click the Home page or you may select a different page to place the calendar. Please see screenshot.

5. Next scroll down towards your page content editor then click the HTML icon button. You’ll going to paste the code into the HTML Source Editor pad. Please see screenshot below.

6. Next paste the code into the HTML Source Editor then click the UPDATE button to save.

7. Save your work and you’re done.

How to make a website

8. View your website. Finish.

  • Karen

    This tutorial was really helpful in the process of adding this tool to my free website, I did it in less than five minutes and I had no truoble at all.  My website is in fact looking good so far.

    • Support

      Your business website is very professional and it’s looking great!  We’re glad you enjoyed this tool, and I encourage you to surf around this blog and check out some of their website creation tutorials.  They’ll help you learn how to create a website with all sorts of powerful features.

  • Gretel

    This website builder has the best tutorials, short and easy, installing and adding features to a website has never been easier.  I really like this site and it has been a lot of help to me, having date and time tool will be the new thing on my page.

    • Support

      Thanks for your comments.  The date and time tool can be a great feature to add when you make a website, especially if your products and services are time sensitive or if it’s important for your visitors to know the date and time when they interact with your website.  It’s all about keeping their focus and attention, and doing anything you can to satisfy the needs they have as they are surfing through your website and are learning about your small business.  It’s so easy to add all these tools with our website builder, that you should really think about all the things your visitors might need and make sure they are available.

  • Roy

    I added this already and it looks very good, it was very easy, this free website creator has really helped me in the process of creating my website, adding some of the tools I found here like the facebook like button has made my site more popular and my sales went up since then. 


    I din´t think it could be so easy to add date and time to my site, since my free website has lots about tv shows and series I usually say whats going on when and at what time, now  people can see the real time while they read my posts.  

  • Carl M. Blakes

    There are few sites with date and time tool for some reason but I do think is always useful specially if you visit or use a site for business purposes, I´m working on learning how to create a website and I´m looking up for interesting features to include, I guess this will be one I´ll add.

    • Ben Jackson

      It really depends on what the website is about, but by default is good to have time and date while you work or read, I added it to my site and I really liked that is not too big, but a good size and it doesn´t uses lots of space, it looks very good and this web builder made it really easy.

  • Jules Moller

    I was wondering if I can put three different clocks to show different times?, I have a free website about currency exchange and this would be very useful for my visitors.

  • Axl

    I really like this website builder cause it´s the simpler way I´ve found to improve my website, there are no complications, is just copy paste and upgrade, I´ve added like 6 tools that I read here and it was very easy to do.

  • Dana

    A friend of mine told me about this website builder cause I told her I was creating a webpage to sell some products, I´m very glad that I followed her advice caused it has been great help, I don´t use the web a lot so I thought I would have to hire someone to do it for me, but this way I cand do it by myself.

  • Gregory

    thanks for this amazing tool, I really like how the clock and calendar look on my homepage, I am really glad I found this website builder.

  • Ansaitee_80

    I have used another free website creator before I tried Iconsites and I am convinced that this is the best, your tutorials make all the difference in the world and the fact that you provide all the different widgets and things to put in the website is just the best.

  • Anonymous

    thats very good ! you can give to your visitors more useful informations and by doing that you will know that they will come back

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