How to Create a Website with a Skype Button

In this tutorial you’ll going to learn how to create a website with a Skype “call me” button, which can be placed on any web page.  Skype is a great way to communicate over phone or chat, and will open up the door for you to conduct business internationally through your small business website.  Whether you want to add the skype button into your header or footer, or simply on your contact page, this tutorial will show you how to make it happen using our online website builder.

1.  Go directly to this link - you’ll see different graphic Skype buttons.

2. Enter or type your Skype name onto the textbox then choose a graphic button design. Please see screenshot below.

3. Next scroll downward and copy the WEB HTML code. Please see screenshot below.

4. After you’ve copied the Skype WEB HTML code, login to your Iconosites website maker account and go to Header and Footer section.  Please see screenshot below.

5. Next, on the Header Content click the HTML tool button to bring up the HTML Source Editor. Please see screenshot below.

6. Next paste the Skype WEB HTML right below the contact numbers. Then click the UPDATE button once you’ve pasted the code. Please see screenshot below.

7. You’ll be able to see the skype graphic positioned in the Header Content editor right away. If it looks right, then just click the SAVE button. Please see screenshot below.

8.  Next, checkout your free website. Try the new Skype button on your website by clicking the icon. Go ahead, try it.

9. Lastly, it will ask if you already have the Skype program installed, just choose the appropriate button.

  • Anonymous

    haha, this method helped me to make a better contact service for my customers

    • Julie Freelance

      I agree. I haven’t installed it yet, but I think it would help me too. 

      • Anonymous

         ehh, then hurry up and install it :D I already got 9 calls, great contact method !

        • Jessica

          9 calls already? Was this in one day. That is one heck of a website tool-giving you results.

          • Anonymous

            ehh Jessica :D that was in 2 days after I bought some ads on facebook

          • Anonymous

            Jessica :D that was in 2 days after I bought some ads on facebook

          • Jessicah

            Still, that’s awesome Andreeyps2. Can I call you Andre? Or what’s your first name?

  • walkaboutdiddy

    Having a 

    • Anonymous

      hmm, what did you wanted to say ? :)

  • Julie Freelance

    Having a Skype button on your website could be very handy. It helps you increase interaction with your clients. 

    • Anonymous

       yeah, and the customers can contact you more faster and also the responses are more faster :)

  • Danielle Winters

    This really is a super-cool tool. I think we need this on our sites nowadays, as it is right there with the times we are in. :)

    • Anonymous

       yeah, maybe we will also have same contact options for YM and MSN

      • Danielle Winters

        That would be cool but I don’t mind Skype. It’s a good software for all kinds of communication-one of the most reliable.

  • Jessicah

    I guess when learning how to build a website this is something we should now consider. Convenience in communication is everything.

  • Trevor

    Is Skype popular enough that this would be the way to go? Why not Google Voice or other Viop service?

    • Bob Charles

      You can definitely use Google voice or another voip service, there’s no reason to not try to add several of them when you create a website with our website builder. The only way to truly determine the overall impact this will have on your small business is to test it.

  • Mark

    This looks like one of the most simple ways to install a chat or phone app on a web page. I like Skype and would use it.

    • Bob Charles

      There’s no question that this will increase the conversation on your free web site, and hopefully result in more business. When you have a business website, you need to make yourself as available as possible, especially when starting out. There are also other chat applications such as Olark that you can embed onto a web page using our professional website maker.

  • sthe

    I love the idea of having skype on my website, and thank you very much to share great information, now let me ask something, can i have skype on my blog? i feel like this will increase more interaction with friends and customers. It also create that one to one conversation in an private way.

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