How to Embed PDF Files on your Website

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to build a business website with embedded PDF files.  There two different ways to embed a pdf file onto your website, and we’ll show you how to do both using the IconoSites website building software which enables anyone to build a business website in minutes.

Video Tutorial

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial, here it is
(otherwise, continue with the written tutorial below):

Written Tutorial

The First Method: Create a Link that will open your PDF

1. Login to your IconoSites Control Panel. Then on a specific page, please click Edit. In this example, Article One under News page was selected. Please see screenshot below.

2. Next scroll down to Your Page Content. You may type text in your content that will be clickable to open up your PDF documents. Then highlight the text that you’ve just created. Please see screenshot below.

3. Next click the Hyperlink button in Your Page Content tools. Please see screenshot below.

4. Next click the Browse button. Please see screenshot.

Pdf on website

5. Click Disk Icon button. Please screenshot.

Pdf in website

6. Then click Choose File button. Please see screenshot.

How to add a pdf onto your website

7. Locate the PDF document that you would like to insert. Please see screenshot.

Add pdf to website

8. Click Ok button after selecting PDF document to be uploaded.

9. Once the document file is uploaded, select and double click the uploaded file.

10. Click the Insert button. You may provide additional settings like Target and Title. Please see example screenshot.

Pdf in website

11. Lastly click SAVE button to finish. You may checkout and test your webpage with the hyperlink text that directs to your PDF document when you click.


The Second Method: Embed the actual PDF on the web page itself

1. Simply click the Embed Media button. See screenshot below.

2. Choose type Iframe under the drop down menu. See Screenshot below.

3. Click the Browse button. Please see screenshot below.

4. Next select and double click the PDF document. In this example the PDF document is already uploaded from our first method. You may upload new PDF document file if you need to do so. Please see screenshot below.

5. Click the Insert button. Please see screenshot.

6.Click SAVE button to finish and checkout your webpage with embedded PDF. You’re done.

How to Build a Business Website in Minutes, Free!

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  • Sarah

    I began my own small store a month ago and I´m about to build a business website, this is perfect to include users manual on the website, so costumers can access to it anytime, it looks quick and easy.

    • Bob Charles

      Hi John, our whole goal is to take the difficulty and fear out of website building.  Instead, we hope to make it so that it is easy and fun to create a website for business.  Thanks again for your comments!  

  • John

    PDF documents are perfect in the website if there are forms the client needs to print, having them online saves client time and money and makes the business more productive, this is perfect and easy way to add this feature when you build a business website.

    • Bob Charles

      We agree!  There are several ways to add a pdf to a website during the website building process, and our goal here was to show them to our members.  Empowered with this knowledge, our members themselves are empowered to build a website of the highest quality.

      • Sonia

        This as you say is what we are looking for, website builders that can help in the process of creating a website with quality, specially for business purposes since this is the way we present ourselves to clients trough the web, and presentation and professionalism are very important.

    • Louis

      Hi John I agree with you no doubt! And I am just starting to build a business website and as bob says the website is of the highest quality, in my company we use a lot of PDF files now to economize on printing and is a safe and easy way to give our costumers useful info and it is way better than emailing the file, you can be sure the information will stay there organized and handy.

  • Resell SEO

    This looks quick and easy. It would be great if you give your website’s visitors an option on how they’re going to view the pdf files you share on your site. If I’m not mistaken, the download link would open the default pdf reader plugin or add-on installed on the browser. While this needs a click to open, the other option which is embedding the pdf on the site itself doesn’t need a click to open. The part of the site where the pdf reader is just needs to load the file. I have a question, though. Can the users save the pdf file if the latter is implemented?

    = Gerald Martin =

    • Bob Charles

      Hi Gerald, yes they can save the pdf file.  All you have to do is right-click it and then save it to your desktop.  It’s truly amazing that these days you can create a free website with this type of functionality…

      • Mandy

        When you  build a website this is one important thing to include, and clients  will benefit from having on their computer important stuff such as forms or other information when they need it.  This gives us the chance to provide to them a better service.

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