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“I never design a building before I’ve seen the site and met the people who will be using it.” - Frank Lloyd Wrig

To Customers, a Good Website feels like Home. Learn how to do this.

Your first task is to choose the design that most optimally suits your target customer. You can do this by clearly defining your target customer as much as possible, and then choosing a design that will appeal to them.

For example: Are you targeting women? In this case, your design should contain more feminine elements such as softer colors and feminine fonts. Our “Feminine” or “Turquoise” designs might be ideal:

Or, are you targeting young technology enthusiasts? In this case, your design should perhaps be more modern with perhaps metallic or flashy colors and techy-looking fonts. Here’s two examples of our “Modern” design; one is the default, the other has a new logo font (changed by using the IconoSites logo creator):

Two different options, both originating from the same great design.

The goal here is to define your target customer in as much detail as possible, and once you’ve done this, find the most suitable IconoSites design for it. Defining your target customer demographically by sex, age, location, and other aspects will really help. The more defined you can get, the better.

Be A Homemaker

In the end, you should have a design that feels welcoming to your target audience so that they feel at home and always want to come back. All your fonts, written text, pictures, and other design elements should reinforce this.

We all know that warm and fuzzy feeling we get about “home”. Home is where we most feel comfortable, and home is something we trust. So go and be a homemaker, and create a website that feels like a home for your customers.

Where to Change & Customize Your Design in IconoSites

1. Login to Your Account - and then go to the DESIGNS section
2. Change Your Design - In the SHARED LAYOUTS section, find the design you want to activate and click CREATE COPY & ACTIVATE LAYOUT. Your new design will be instantly implemented.

3. Customize Your Design - In your MY LAYOUTS section, find the design you want to edit and click on the pencil icon to start editing. Customize Your Design Now.

4. Need Help? - Make use of the TIP and VIDEO buttons for every feature in IconoSites, to see a quick tutorial. Watch Tutorial Videos in Your Control Panel.

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