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“A brand name is more than a word. It is the beginning of a conversation.”
- Lexicon

Create a Logo & Slogan that Makes a Statement

Your website’s visitors have a problem they are trying to solve right now. They are trying to determine if you are the solution. Studies have shown that they will look at your website’s logo and slogan before anything else. They will use it to immediately filter you “in” (and look further) or “out” (immediately leave).

A good logo and slogan tells your visitors who you are and what you do, clearly and concisely. For example, “My brand name is X (which relates in some way to the industry), and we offer Y (i.e. the products/services) for Z (i.e. the target customer).” This assures your visitor that they are “at the right place”, allowing them to immediately continue on their impatient search for the real solution to their problem.

A bad logo and slogan is unclear, forcing the visitor to waste more of their precious time trying to figure you out or just give up and leave. An example of a bad logo and slogan is a company name that has no correlation to the industry and/or a generic slogan such as “We soar amongst the rest”. It’s amazing how many businesses make this mistake.

The Consequences of a Bad Logo & Slogan

To fully grasp the unintended consequences of a bad logo and slogan, take a moment to think about it from a brick and mortar retail store perspective. Say you’re driving through a new town looking for a BBQ joint to take your hungry family to dinner. You’ve never been here before. Looking, you see a place with a sign reading “Mike’s Restaurant: We Soar Above the Rest”. Now apparently this place has the best BBQ in town, but the logo and slogan was unclear and nobody in your family wants to stop. Their stomachs are hungry (the problem), and BBQ is what they want (the solution), and Mike’s isn’t worth the risk (are we sure that they even serve bbq?). A few blocks down the road, you see a sign reading “Peggy Sues BBQ: The Only Authentic Louisiana BBQ Restaurant”. The whole car erupts with “that’s the place. We must go there.”.

The lesson of the story is this: Mike’s might have had better BBQ, but it was Peggy Sues who won the marketing battle and earned the business. Who knows how many additional customers Peggy Sues gets every day just by being clear about who they are and what they do. Or, perhaps it’s better to consider how many perfectly targeted potential customers Mike’s is losing by not.

Now while you rarely see this mistake being made in brick and mortar retail, you see it everywhere online. Maybe it’s because people incorrectly think that anything goes on the internet, or maybe it’s because the internet has empowered just about anyone to start a business. Either way, don’t make this mistake.

Make sure your logo and slogan clearly tells your visitors who you are and what you do. Make sure it connects with your target audience. Start Editing Your Logo & Slogan Now

“The three key rules of marketing are brand recognition, brand recognition, brand recognition.” - Anon

How to Edit Your Logo & Slogan in IconoSites

1. Login to Your Account - and then go to the HEADER & FOOTER section

2. Edit your LOGO & SLOGAN TEXT - Here, you can change the font size, font type, font color, and also utilize multiple lines (if your logo text is really long).

3. UPLOAD your own LOGO - Already have a logo design? No problem, Upload Your Logo Here.

4. Need Help? - Make use of the VIDEO buttons for every feature in IconoSites, to see a quick tutorial. Watch Tutorial Videos in Your Control Panel.

Need a Logo?

Want to get a professional logo instead of using logo text? No problem. Check out our article on How & Where to Get a Business Logo Design - Free & Cheap Options


  • Vincent Wang

    Logos are extremely important and are what the customer/reader first connects with. If it is memorable, then you will have a returning customer.

    Make sure you invest in a high quality logo, as that could be the difference between having a loyal customer or not.

    There are so many logo design agencies out there, but you want to make sure that you narrow down your choices to the right one.

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