IconoSites Awarded for Best Website Builder 2012

We are very proud to announce that IconoSites has received the Best Website Builder 2012 Award from Webhostingsearch.com.  This honor was bestowed upon us as a recognition of the exceptional design quality, ease-of-use, and overall value of the IconoSites website building platform.

Webhostingsearch.com, known for providing a high quality and diverse list of the highest-rated web tools, undergoes a very tedious selection process to determine which companies should be awarded.  Many of their listing decisions are based on user opinion submissions, secret shoppers, customer service evaluations, and more.  The end result is that only the “best of the best” products are awarded.  You can read more about the selection process by clicking here.

Here is the badge that we will now proudly display on IconoSites.com:

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  • Julio

    Congratulations, you really succeed on teaching people how to create a website in less time, and even when most of us are no experts. 

    • Bob Charles

      Thank you so much.  We’re all about website building here, and we will continue to provide as much helpful info as we can to entrepreneurs like you!

  • Sandy

    Good for you, your tutorials are great, easy to follow and having both text and video helps a lot, keep it up and we will continue to learn what it takes to make a website that works and improves our work production. 

    • Bob Charles

      Thanks Sandy!

  • Vanessa77

    Good for you, you really deserve this award you have helped many people learning how to make a web site and make it like a pro, this means saving lots of money besides being a source of knowledge.

    • Bob Charles

      Thanks Vanessa, we appreciate it!  Our goal is to make the most professional and easiest-to-use website builder on the planet.  

  • Carol

    Cheers, I´m not surprised at all, and many more awards will come as it gets easier to make a website with your tutorials. you make a great work.

    • Bob Charles

      Thanks Carol, we’re glad you find our website building platform along with our tutorials so easy to use.  Thanks again!

  • Jules

    You guys deserve this award, you are in fact the best website builder. I went from being a rookie to being able to make a website with dynamic features that works for my business in a fantastic way and just by following steps from your tutorials. 

    • Bob Charles

      Thanks Jules!  We’re thrilled that you have been about to start a website and excel the way you have with the IconoSites website builder.  And, we greatly appreciate your compliments!

  • BrendaLee

    Congrats I guess there was about time, is really good people recognize what a great job you do, many people is no longer afraid when they need to make a website thanks to you.

    • Bob Charles

      Thanks BrendaLee!  We appreciate it.

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