How to Make a Website with a Facebook Like Button

Facebook like on website

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a website with a facebook like button.  By adding a social sharing tool like a facebook like button when you make a web page, you’ll empower your visitors to share your content to like minded people all over the internet.  As a business, this can be a very powerful tool that will help spread your products, services, articles, or any other content you want to share all over the internet.  All because each time somebody clicks the like button, it automatically gets posted to their facebook wall - for all of their friends to see.  Ultimately, this is a free endorsement for you.  This is how you can drive traffic and awareness when you add a facebook like button to a website.  And, in this step-by-step guide we make it really easy to add this tool to your website, using our online website builder.

1. To start, first create Facebook Like Button by going to this link. You should be able to see just like the image below.

How to make a website

2. In the URL to Like box, please type your Iconosite URL just like the example below. However you can also specify URL to your product, service, gallery and etc. Just simply provide the exact link for that page to like.

3. You may specify other attributes of your button such as the width, style, color, and etc. Simply supply them according to your liking. For this example, we used the default value. Now click the GET Code button one you’re satisfied.

4. Copy the code in the first section, as illustrated in the image below.


5. Next login to your Iconosite free website builder account then click Edit on any page you would like to insert the button. Please see screenshot below.

Add facebook like button to website

6.  Scroll down to the Page Specific Scripts section, and paste the code into the Body area.

7.  Go back to Facebook and copy the code from the 2nd section, as illustrated below.

8. In the WYSIWYG Editor, click the HTML icon to open up the HTML Source Editor pad.

9. Paste the code into the HTML Source Editor then click the UPDATE button.

10. Save your work.

11. You should be able to see the facebook like button on your website.

Facebook like on website

And just like that, you’ve learned how to build a website with a facebook like button.  Now is the time to consider all the different pages or areas of your website that you can add it to.  It’s also not a bad idea to encourage your visitors to “like” you.

How to Make a Website in Minutes, Free!

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  • Jamie

    This definitely has to make a website more popular, and increase the number of visitors, I guess social networks are effective for lots of purposes and having a facebook button or a twitter button is great, specially if it can be done that easy.

    • Bob Charles

      Yes that is correct.  And, as you can see above it only takes a minute or two to add a facebook like button to your site when using our online website builder.  Since all of this is free, there’s no reason to take advantage of what adding social media elements can do for your small business.

  • Karla

    I just added the facebook button to my page, it works very well and looks good, I´ll see what happens in the following days, this is something to really make a website get to more and more people, I really hope it works on mine.

    • Bob Charles

      I’m really happy you decided to add facebook like button to your site so quickly after seeing this tutorial. Most people don’t consider this when they decide to build a website for business purposes, because they assume that the only value in facebook comes in personal networking.  We’re urging businesses to harness the power of social media when you create a website because by doing so, you are adding a mechanism that allows your visitors to spread your content and build awareness of the products and services you offer.

      • Renee

         I´ve seen this to, people don´t think facebook is appropriate for business pages, but it is, nowadays almost everyone even big companies have both, they create a website and a facebook profile, so having the like button is logical. 

  • David

    I really don´t see who won´t benefit from a facebook like button,  its like the best way to make everybody to get to know you and if you create a website that makes people feel welcome, lots of people will know about what you do or offer.  I already got mine.

    • Bob Charles

      It’s great that website builders make it so easy to add or remove facebook like buttons.  You can at least test it, and if it proves to provide value to your small business, then you can keep it.  If not, remove it.

  • Charlie M

    Having the optio of adding a facebook like button is great if the gal is to create a website that reaches as many people as possible.  I loved the tutorial, it looks easy to follow. 

    • Bob Charles

      Yes, if you want to make a website that provides the opportunity for the furthest reach, then it’s a good idea to add social sharing buttons.  

  • Stan Alcott

    The facebook like button I added to my site has not only giving me a great deal of stats on how  many people visit and like my site but it also allows other facebook users to find my site when people has liked it. I am going to make a website for my sister and the first thing she requested was the “like button”. 

    • Bob Charles

      Hi Stan.  Yes, the facebook like button is especially popular amongst the younger audiences and it will become something so commonplace as soon as this generation gets older.  But you make a great point about the stats.  It’s great that you can pull some stats about the content that was shared.  It’s amazing that all of this can be so easily added with our free web site builder.

  • Kim

    This is something anyone who attempts to make a website has to know, facebook is like the world on the net these days and the way to bring it to your site is through the like button, I loved this tutorial.

    • Bob Charles

      More and more people are of the opinion that you must add social sharing buttons like facebook, twitter, and potentially other more obscure ones, when you create a web site.  The way that business is trending, you would just be at a disadvantage if you didn’t utilize them.  It can also be an advantage for your brand to look like you are ahead of the times — especially if your competitors have existing, static websites that are unchangeable.  The great part with our free website creator is not just that you can so easily add the buttons — but you can just as easily remove them if you don’t feel that they are adding value.

  • Olga

    Everytime I help make a website for a friend or someone in my family I always suggest they add a facebook button and if possible a twitter one, I helped my mom build her business website and she said she didn´t want the facebook button cause she didn´t use facebook, as soon as I showed her how it worked she asked me to add it on every single page of her website lol.

    • Bob Charles

      It certainly is humorous how far and wide, in terms of age groups, that facebook has reached.  Even the elder generations understand the power of social media when you build a website these days.  

  • Alina

    Its very cool to have the chance to make a website with the facebook like button and other features I´ve seen here at iconosites, it has really helped me with my new business, is not an online business but it has a page, and being online helps a lot at getting people to know you, so I guess being on facebook will be an extra. 

    • Bob Charles

      Thanks for the kind comments about our free website builder, and we’re extremely happy that we’ve been able to help your business.  We wish you much success in the future!

  • Sector4guitarplayer1234

    This is wonderful, is the tutorial I´ve been waiting for since I have a site, being connected to facebook is the best thing one can do to really get out there, is really important to add this button and the twitter button too when you build a website so every one can follow your page and know what you do or sell.

    • Bob Charles

      Sorry it took so long!  But well worth the wait, right?  This feature was requested so much by our members who we’re in the process of creating a website, that we decided to prioritize it.

      • Sector4guitarplayer1234

         Nice! I think you have a great web builder and is good you take suggestions from users, since we use your tutorials to make our work better.

        • Support

          We definitely value all the suggestions you can give about how we can improve our free website builder.  When you create a free website for your business, you are in a unique position to tell us what issues you are experiencing and what features or tools might make things better.  

  • Chris238

    This not working on weebly!! Do any know how it work?

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