How to Build a Website with Hyperlinked Text & Images

build a web page

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to build a website with hyperlinked text & images.  We will do this using the IconoSites website builder.

1. Login to your Iconosites free website builder account.

2. Go to your website’s content page editor. Please see screenshot below.

3. To hyperlink a text, please highlight or select a text that you want to create the hyperlink. You should see a blue color background when highlighting a text. To highlight a text, simply left click and hold mouse from the beginning towards the end of the text. Please see screenshot below.

4. Once you’ve highlighted the text, click the Hyperlink chain like icon found in your content editor tool. Please see screenshot.

how to build a website with a hyperlink

5. Next is to type the URL address or website to link the text then set the target option. In this example, the target will open a new window when the Hyperlink text is click. You can experiment on both options and see how it works. After you set them, click the INSERT button to finish. Please see screenshot below.

6. Now that you’ve learn how to hyperlink a text, next you’ll learn how to hyperlink an image. Go ahead and choose an image and click on it. Please see screenshot below.

7. Next click the Hyperlink chain like icon as you can see in the screenshot below.

8. Next specific the URL address of the website to link your image. Also specify the target window which in this example is to open up a new window. Click INSERT button when you’re done.

9. Save your work and you’re done.

10. Checkout your website and you should see clickable text and image. Try them out.

build a web page


  • Karen

    Is incredible how easy is this to do, it took me no more than 7 minutes, and I´m slow in the computer. All these tutorials really give people the tools and great ideas of how to make a website with amazing features, even when we don´t know a bit about programming.

    • Bob Charles

      Hi Karen, that’s actually quite a bit of time to make a hyperlink (it should take no longer than a few seconds) on your business website but Im so happy you managed to get it done when creating a website.  Now that you know how to do it, it should be a lot faster when you try it again.  

  • Gigi

    I just finished building my website to show my art portfolio and I hyperlinked some images to take you different images and it was as easy as reading your tutorial, if you ever wonder how to create a  website for free and that it looks like you  invested a lot of money just try iconsites I recommend it all the way!

    • Bob Charles

      Thanks Gigi!  We’re glad that you have become such a fan of our free website builder.  We put a lot of time and resources into our tutorials, and it’s great to hear that you have found them to be so valuable to you now that you have learned how to build a website.  Thanks again.

  • Mikey

    I didn´t imagine this would be as fast as it was, I had no trouble at all and there are many ways to improve a site and our skills on using a web page maker like this. The images really enhanced my site and it looks great.

    • Bob Charles

      Most people don’t realize how fast it it to create a website with a professional website builder like IconoSites.  It’s one of those things that you can’t fully appreciate until you have tried it yourself.

  • Nancy

    I love having this tool in my page, it allows me to have graphics and send people to the link where the rest of the important information is without saturating the main article.  These tutorials really work for me on letting me know how to create a website that is good for my visitors and makes my life easier. 

    • Bob Charles

      Thanks for the comments Nancy.  That’s a great point, and it’s a tactic that is often underused.  When creating a website, many people try to pack as much information as they can onto each page.  Instead, when you make a web page you should try to keep things as concise as possible.  Adding a “read more” link under long paragraphs and such can allow you to take an extremely long page and drastically shorten it, letting those who really do care to read more do so.

  • Frank Roberts

    Hyperlinks are very important to people who visit a webpage since there are terms they find in the middle of a text that are of their interest so they need to read more, so this is like giving people a better service, this is the only free website builder that provides such important tools on easy to follow articles. 

    • Bob Charles

      I know this seems like a simple tutorial, but our goal is to make IconoSites the easiest free website builder on the planet.  Part of this mission means that we’ll have to make some very simple tutorials to help educate our members, and to encourage the less savvy people to create a website for themselves.

  • Rodalvarez87

    This is an amazing web page maker, each time I visit I find more interesting things to add to my site, that by the way has improved a lot in the last two months.  Having text hyperlinks will be another plus to it, I´ll definitely use this one. 

    • Support

      We’ve always had the ability to make hyperlinks, we just thought it was a good idea to put a tutorial together that shows less sophisticated users of our free website builder how they can make it happen.  Thanks for noticing the improvements we’ve been making, there have been a lot of updates recently.  We have a goal, and that is to be the best web site maker.  

  • Cindy Brooks

    For size purposes this is a very useful tool to have cause it saves space in the main page and people can see the image more clearly when they click on it, there are many ways to go on how to create a website that works the best for the creator and many tools that can help to make it the best it can be. 

  • Jason

    This is the best free website builder I´ve found, there are many tutorials here that I was looking for to add to my site, this is one of them, also the facebook like button was another one I was hoping I could get. I´m excited that my site will look so much better. 

    • Support

      Thanks for the kind remarks Jason, we are totally committed to building the best free website creator we possibly can.  Since most of our members are building small business websites, we tailor our development and features in that direction.  We hope you enjoy the free website, and hope that you turn it into a very successful venture. 

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