How to Create a Website with a Driving Directions Tool

Add driving directions tool to my website

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a website with a driving directions tool.  This way, your visitors can easily find your location from wherever they are located.  This is great for retail businesses who rely on in-store foot traffic to make sales (i.e. restaurants, clothing stores, etc.).  We will do a step-by-step guide using our free website builder to show you how easy it is to add a driving directions tool when you are creating a website for business.

1. Click Add to your webpage button. Please see screenshot below.

2. Next try to play around with the settings or use the default set up. In this example, the title message has been changed. Please click the Get the Code button once you’re done. Please see screenshot.

3. Next, copy the entire code. You can highlight or hold CTRL – A to copy all code. Please see an example shot below.

4. Login to your Iconosite account and choose which part of your page to place the google direction gadget. In this example, it’ll be placed at the home page.

5. Scroll down towards your content editor and click the HTML icon as seen in the screenshot below. You’ll be placing the code that you’ve just copied. Please click the HTML icon.

6. Now just paste the code into the HTML source editor pad then click UPDATE button to save. Please see screenshot below.

7. Save your work and checkout website then try the gadget.

8. You should be able to see google direction gadget in your webpage. Finish.

Add driving directions tool to my website

And that’s it!  You now have a driving directions tool on your small business website, and it only took about one minute to implement.  Our final suggestion is to make sure you add this to your contact page or somewhere where your visitors can easily find it.  This could be in your header, footer, or on key pages.  Feel free to play around with it and see which provides the best results for you.  Our free website creator empowers you to change these things on the fly in seconds, so you should definitely take advantage of that.

  • Sarah Freeman

    I own a small coffee place with my sister and having this tool on our site is gonna be a great help for us, we wanted to create a website for people to know about small events we have every week, singers, reading club meetings, and others, but having this would make it easier for people to find us. 

  • Sandy

    The driving directions tool can really help almost everyone who has a business and uses the web.  I use this tool a lot when I visit other sites, so there are many people who would be grateful for this post cause even if you know how to create a website sometimes you dont know how to add more things that can make it work better. 

    • Maurice

      There are also many shops and places I would like to recommend adding this tool to their websites, people are located in complex places sometimes and having the possibility to create a website that tells people how to get there saves everybody time and is like giving costumer service even when the costumer is not there yet. 

  • Neil

    This was very easy to do, I have to say that if you are going to create a
    website don´t spend 1000s of dollars on it you can make a free website
    using this tools in no time at all, my site is just to display the items
    we sell in our store and it took me less than 1 hour to have it ready
    and running.

    • Jordan

      You´re right, not so much time ago these were things I would have to pay for, but not now, I wasn´t even familiar with some new tools I´ve added to my site lately and I´ve really learned many was to make a free website look very professional.

  • Caroline

    Very nice, I usually love it when a webpage has the driving directions tool, is good to know I can create a website like that myself cause it doesnt seems complicated at all.

  • Benjamin

    So theres an easy way to do these things! I´ll definitely use this when I create a website for my store, I´m really on it cause my store opened a month ago and we´re still working on many things, but the webpage is one of the most important ones, and letting people know how to get there will be great. 

    • Bob Charles

      Using our free website builder, this is extremely easy to do and it will be highly beneficial if you have a brick and mortar retail store that depends on foot traffic. When you decide to make a website, you need to think about how to best harness the power of your online presence with the fact that you need to encourage people to visit your store in person. 

  • Benny.flowerstore

    I saw your tutorial after finishing my free website and I just got so very excited!! We are located in a part of town that has a little pedestrian traffic so we rely on people driving to our store and this is the best for us, people now just check our home page (I put the driving diretions there) and they can easily see where we are located.

  • Christian

    I already have two clients who used this and got to my small store, so this is really helpful definitely, when I saw the post I immediately thought I must have this tool on my site and this is how a free website must work, really giving something to the visitor and contributing to the business it represent. 

    • Support

      Im glad you saw this tool so quickly, and that you were able to implement it so quickly using our website builder.  This should end up resulting in a sales increase over time.  

  • Katya

    The past week I had a good number of costumers telling me that it was a great thing I could add the driving directions tool to my free website cause they´ve heard about my shop but didn´t know exactly where it was located, so I am very happy with how it went.

    • Bob Charles

      That’s the whole point of the driving directions tool. Can you imagine how many potential customers you could have had by adding this tool several days, months, or years ago?  That’s why its important to consider these things when you build a website, and doing so with our free website builder affords you with these opportunities.  

  • Jennifer

    I´ve never even heard about this tool before, but I really need to create a website for my new business and this will be something I´ll include for sure, I think it can really help people to get to the shop without loosing time.

    • Bob Charles

      It’s amazing that when people make a website, they don’t think of having a driving directions tool directly on their website. It is so much more convenient for your visitors to not have to leave your site, and go to Google Maps or Mapquest.  That’s why we did this tutorial, and it’s never been easier to do with our website builder.

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