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how to add google map to website

Here’s how you can add a Google Map into your website, using our IconoSites free website creator.  First, here’s an example of what a Google Map looks like once embedded into your web page:

how to add a map to a website

Now, Here’s the Step by Step Instructions on How to Add a Map to Your Website:

Video Tutorial

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial, here it is (otherwise, continue with the written tutorial below):

Written Tutorial

2. Search for a location. Please see screenshot below:

how to add a map to a website

3. Once you’ve found the right location in Google Map, click the chain link image found at the upper corner of the page. Please see screenshot below:

how to add map to website

4. Next is to simply click and copy the embed code – it’ll be pasted in your Iconosites web page later on. Please see screenshot below:

how to add map to website

5. Next logon to your Iconosites account and click on Web Pages. Please see screenshot below:

free website creator

6. Next is to choose among of the following pages to insert or embed Google Map code. In this example, Contact Us page were selected. Click the EDIT link. Please see screenshot below:

best website creator

7. Scroll down and proceed to Your Page Content section and then click HTML link tool. Please see screenshot below:

best free website creator

8. Next is to simply paste Google Map code that you’ve just copied earlier to anywhere you like in the page. In this example, it is pasted below the email address. Please kindly see the screenshot below.

easy website creator

9. Next is to click the Update button.

website creator

10. Lastly click the SAVE & EXIT to finish.

website creator

That’s it! You’ve successfully embedded Google Map to your website, using our easy website creator.

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  • Farah

    This tutorial is very helpful. After you have used a free
    website creator you can add a map to your website if you want. These
    instructions are very easy to follow.

    • Bob Charles

      Thank Farah!

  • Geanina

    This is not at all hard to do. I will for sure add a map to
    my website. I’ve created it with your free website creator and it was very
    easy. :)

    • Bob Charles

      We’ve built our website creator to make things like this as easy as possible.  It’s all about empowering our users to create the best websites possible, with no technical knowledge required.  And, an emphasis on design quality!

  • Rebecca

    I’ve done it! After I used the free website maker I searched
    for some helpful stuff to add on my website and I found this tutorial on how to
    add a map. It wasn’t hard at all!

    • Bob Charles

      Great Rebecca!  We couldn’t find anything on the internet that showed how to add a map to your website, so in true IconoSites style, we made our own tutorial!  Now, adding a map to your website - especially when using our free website builder - couldn’t get any easier!

  • Allex

    Thank you for this tutorial! With your help now I have a map
    on my website. Like other people said, it was very easy. I simply followed your
    steps. It is indeed an easy and free website creator!

    • Bob Charles

      That’s awesome Allex!  Glad this tutorial has allowed you to add a map to your website.

  • Lena

    I had no idea how you can add a map on a website. I have a
    lot of things to learn. Since then, I must use your free website creator. I
    hope there is a tutorial to for it too.

    • Bob Charles

      Hi Lena, we have tons and tons of tutorials!  You’ll be able to do practically anything with our professional website creator.

  • Aaron

    My contact me text section doesn’t seem to have a spot to change html. Am I doing something wrong?

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