How to add a LinkedIn profile to your website

LinkedIn is a place where you connect with all the professional people of your small business niche. In fact you can not only see their profile and contact them, you can even grab business and job opportunities at this great site for designed specially for professionals. This tutorial will show you how to add your LinkedIn profile tab to your Iconosites website, using our professional web page maker.

1) Go to and login with your username and password.

2) After logging in come back to this page and click this link to view the profile badges you can use on your Iconosites to let people find and connect to you on LinkedIn.

3) After the page opens, you will be able to view many buttons with their respective code on the right. Select the one that would look best on your business website.

4) After deciding the design you would like to use, right click on the corrosponding code and press copy from the menu.

5) Now login into your Iconosites Admin panel and start editing the page in which you want to add your LinkedIn profile.

6) After the page loads, scroll to the ‘Your Page Content’ and press HTML button in the toolbar. Check screenshot below for help.


7) In the HTML window, paste the copied code where you want it to appear on your page. After pasting the code, press ‘Update’.

8) Save the page by clicking the save button at the bottom of the screen. Now proceed to your page on the website to view the new LinkedIn button.

  • Amanda

    This is the best application to add, I run a free business website and having linkedin on it will make it so much better. It doesnt seem hard to do, I´ll try it for sure.

  • Jacklyn

    I had no idea you could add this to a small website, I have found that using a web page maker like this is the best way to go when you run your own site for your business, I guess this will be an opportunity to grow in a way and to share important information directly from my website.

    • Marie-C

      It is very cool that even though this is a free webpage you are not restricted to add a lot of things and link to social networking sites, I used to build my sites with another website building software and got a lot of restrictions, can you believe I couldn’t even add my facebook fan page?!

  • Molly Andrews

    I´m glad I´ve been using this web page maker cause I´ve added many interesting features to my site, having linkedIn is for sure something I need and I already know is gonna be easy to install and use.

    • Laineie

      Hey Molly, I created my free business website like you suggested, I wanted to ask you, and everybody in here, which place is the best to place the linkedIn button? I don´t want it to get unnoticed but I also don´t want it somewhere it wont look good… remember I´m not a designer xD

  • LydiaYY3

    I just installed the linkedin button on my site, I placed it on my home page and my about page so that people have clear access to it, I used this free website builder because after reading the comments people posted and checking the tutorials I decided this was the way to go, I made the right choice, my site is up and running and I already have made 7 connections today from visitors, awesome!

    • Carlos

      Hi Lydia, I have been thinking about the website building options I have and I chose after reading your comment to, first subscribe to linkedIn, and then adding it to my home page, did you also placed it in all your other pages?

  • Dana Anne

    I used Iconosites to create my free business website and of course I added the linkedin button to it, I am hoping to make a few connections for my floral business and start making some money online.

    • Nadia

      If you added linkedin button you´ll get contacted for sure, I did this like a week ago and I made contact with some people and got some clients for my business, there are many website building options today that can help make your site popular and to sell whatever you sell.

  • Joseph Kiln

    In all of the website building options I have found I think this is the one that has helped me the most, I am making a lot of connections and I already starting doing business with someone that connected via my website when I added the linkedin button. Just wanted to share this so that people can know that it works like a charm!

    • Johann C

      LinkedIn has become more popular lately and having it on your site will help a lot in making new contacts and also keep in touch with the ones you already know, I´m also using this tool and it works, I guess this site provides the best website building options for pages of any kind.

  • Amy

    I found this tutorial when reading another tutorial, I was looking for other website building options, and before this I had a very different idea about linkedin, now I know more and I really hope it would help my business to grow in the following months.

    • Jenny

      Hey what´s your site about? I want to connect with as many people as I can, I found this website making software and went ahead and made my site, I am getting some trouble getting traffic so I included the linkedin button to keep in touch with visitors.

  • Kenya

    OMG!! This is so cool!! I had my facebook, twitter and Delicious buttons but was missing my LinkedIn profile, I started creating business websites as a way to pass time but decided to create my own and now my site has grown a lot, having LinkedIn added to my site helped me connect with new clients, cheers and thanks!!

  • Ana Cristina de Paz

    I feel so out of date, after reading your tutorial I decided to open a LinkedIn account, didn’t have one, it is very useful and I already have 15 connections thanks to it, my site has a whole new use now and website building is not my forte but adding this was very easy, it took me longer to subscribe to LinkedIn lol.

    • Joseph_visualarts

      Hey Ana I am glad you opened your account, it was long overdue lol! But I gotta say that website building is fun but having a site with links to social media can help you grow your business very fast. BTW, I added you to my network :)

  • Gerard Blade

    I really like the fact that you can even choose the button that would look better on your site, that makes it more personalized, I like this site it is a very complete website maker and I always find easy ways to update my website.

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