How to Add Videos to Your Website from Vimeo

add vimeo to website

Vimeo is one of the best video sharing and video streaming website on the internet today. Its popularity can be measured from the fact that most of the music labels now rely on Vimeo for streaming their music online. The videos have an extremely high steaming quality, which means that your videos will just look better in terms of resolution and clarity when viewed on your website.  For small business owners who care about maintaining a professional and credible website design, Vimeo is definitely the way you should go.

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a website with videos from Vimeo.  We’ll show you the step-by-step process of doing this using our online website maker.

1) Go to and browse to the video you want to add on your free website.

2) Now bring your mouse cursor over the video and watch out for 3 options that appear on the upper right side of the video. Click the third option which says “Share”.

how to design a website

3) Clicking the Share Button, shows up a new screen. On the right side, we have the embed code. Also you are given an option to customize the embed features according to your requirement (check screenshot). If you want to skip the customization part, you may skip the next step of the tutorial and go to Step 5 straight away.

website design

4) The video embed code can be customized as per your requirement. There are a host of options that you can change to change the look and feel of the video player.

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Size: Lets you change the size of the video player that will appear on your site.

Color: Changes the color of text and controls that would appear on your site.

Intro: Lets you change the intro of the video on your site.


Autoplay: IF the video should play itself as soon as the page is loaded. Check the box for YES.

Loop this video: Check to start looping.

Show text link underneath this video: Show link to Vimeo and name of the author of the video under the video. Check the box for YES.

Show video description below video: To show description of the video (from Vimeo) under the video. Check the box for YES.

5) After the customization part has been done, its time to copy the code. Select the code by left clicking and then right click to open the right-click menu. Now press copy.

free website builder

6) Now its time to add the video to the page. Login in to your Iconosites free website builder admin area and “EDIT” the page in which you want to add the video.

website builder

7) Now scroll down to the ‘Your Page Content’ area and Press HTML Button in the toolbar.

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8) In the HTML window, browse to the location where you want to add the video. Once you are confident of the place. Paste the code and press update (check screenshot).

add videos to website

9) After updating the HTML code, save the page by pressing the “Save & Exit” button in the site builder (bottom of the screen). Now go to your website to see how the video looks.

how to create a website

Congratulations!  You just added a high quality Vimeo video to your website using a professional web page maker.  We encourage you to peruse through this blog and look at the other website building tutorials we offer that will teach you how to design a website with ease.  The more you learn, the more tools and features you can take advantage of to help your business succeed.

  • Andy Parsons

    I think vimeo its way better than youtube for your videos, they load very fast and you can add them your free website in just a few minutes and when you get the hang of using the html editor you can do it in seconds, great tutorial and the best free website builder there is.

  • Janeth

    I found vimeo to be a very user friendly tool, it makes it really easy to add the video without any knowledge of programming or html, it also looks very pro like if I paid lots of money for my website design.

    • Viktoria

      you know I found Vimeo even better than youtube, I know how to build a website with videos but I used to just upload to youtube and many times my videos would not upload, vimeo is easier and the videos look cooler.

  • Douggie

    I love that just by following the tutorial you can add videos so easy that you can learn to do it in a matter of minutes, I added videos in 3 different pages of my website. You don´t need to be an expert to know how to design a website if you follow the tutorials, thanks for taking the time to make them so detailed.

  • Kate B.

    When I read this tutorial in the beginning I thought it was gonna be a little hard, specially the costumization part, but it wasn´t hard at all, besides the video I added looks great and its true, it has great quality and looks professional, even when I don´t own a fancy page, but a free website were I share recipies, being able to add videos will definitely make my visitors happy.

    • Marielle

      Videos are always useful and people who use a site as a way of learning something new like videos a lot, I own a free website too but mine is about regional music, and having videos now has made it complete.

  • Tim Creed

    I cant believe is so easy to add a video to my site, I thought about asking a friend of my sister to do it for me and maybe pay him some money, I´ll save that money now cause its no big deal. I needed help when I decided to create a website, now I´ll definitelly edit it by myself.

    • Roxane

      Is good to know these things and how make our own site better, or to build a website with new features like video and others that we think or have the idea that we must hire someone else to do it. Is great to have access to this site and its great tutorials.

  • JennK

    You really don´t need to know how to build a website to create a website if you follow the tutorial you will have your site up and running in less than one day. I just finished mine by adding videos to it, this was the easiest thing in the world and uploading to vimeo was fast and it gave me no trouble.

  • Damian

    I uploaded a few videos to vimeo and it was very easy, after following the tutorial I encountered that the website builder I used to create a website was not allowing me to edit the HTML section I wanted to add the video to, so I just switched to iconosites and it was the easiest thing ever, I rebuilt my website in a week or so.

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