How to Add a Photo Gallery to Your Website

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a website with a photo gallery.  If you already have a website, we’ll show you how to add a photo gallery to your website.  We’ll accomplish this by using the IconoSites professional business website maker where business owners can build a business website in minutes.

1.  Do you know the new Iconosites Photo Gallery application can be added very easily? Well, if you don’t, here’s how. Login to your Iconosites account then click on the Photo Gallery button found at the right side of your dashboard. Please see screenshot below.

2.  In just 4 steps you can be able to add your photo gallery. The steps can be read in the Photo Gallery instructions. So the next step is to create an Album. Please click ADD ALBUM button. See screenshot below.

3.  Provide a name for your album. You may leave the default settings for now. Then click the Create Album button at the bottom. Please refer to screenshot below.

4.  Next is to upload pictures and images for your new album to do that, please click the Add Files button then select pictures to add. Please see screenshot below.

5.  Next click SAVE & KEEP EDITING button found below. It should now start uploading the pictures you’ve selected.

6.  After the uploading process is complete, you may place a title and description for each image. Just click the little box beside Image Details. Please see screenshot.

7.  Next click the Photo Gallery button again, so that you’ll be able to create a page for your gallery. Just click create a web page link as instructed on step 2.

8.  Choose Photo Gallery/Album by clicking it. Then provide a name of the web page. Then choose which album to display, either the entire albums or just one specific album. Then click Save. Please refer to the image below.

9.  You’ve now added a Photo Gallery web page to your website. You may be able to change the placement of the gallery page on your navigational bar by dragging it up and down. Then Click Save button after doing so.

10. That’s it. Checkout your website and you should see like the sample image below.

How to Make a Website in Minutes, Free!

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  • Ben

    This is a very useful tool to increase the quality of any website. I´ve decided to create a free website to promote information on women´s health, so I´ll definitelly check  Iconosites Photo Gallery cause it doesn´t seem to be hard to use at all.

    • Bob Charles

      Hi Ben, nope its not hard to use at all.  We’ve spent a ton of time trying to simplify the website building experience for our members, and a big part of that is making easy to use tools like our photo gallery.  Our hope is to make IconoSites the easiest way to create a website, whilst remaining the most professional of all website builders. 

  • Sandy

    Visual content is the most important part of any website in my opinion, text as important as it is must be presented along with graphics, and specially in business websites that need to be attractive to a very heterogeneous group of  visitors. What website builders offer in order to make it easier for people to include galleries on their websites is great, in fact this website maker makes it very simple, it´s incredible how easy it is to improve the website quality, so thanks for this tutorial.   

    • Bob Charles

      Thanks for the compliments Sandy!  We love taking the fear out of website building, and we also agree with your opinion on how important visual aspects of website are.  If you want to portray a professional image, you must have a website with quality design.  You can’t build a website just to have an online presence, because if your website lacks quality, the lack of credibility can hurt you much more than it can help you…

      • Sandy

        Well I´ve been reading other posts and it is very interesting, these are website builders that can make life easier, it wasn´t like this five years ago.

  • Albert

    I´m about to create a free website and I have a question, is there a limit of pictures you can include in this kind of gallery? I loved the tutorial is very simple, thanks.

    • Bob Charles

      Hi Albert,

      No, at the moment, there is no limit to the amount of photos you can add to the photo gallery.  If that sounds good to you, go ahead and pick a design, and you can start to create a free website for your biz today.  good luck!

  • Brandon

    I also find this a quick and easy tool to add a gallery when you create a business website, since there are many people who own small businesses and do most of the work by themselves I think this is of great help for those of us who are not computer experts. 

    • Bob Charles

      Hi Brandon, thanks for the comments!  You are absolutely right.  We tried to make this photo gallery application extremely easy so that our members could create a free website and add a professional photo gallery like this with ease.  To us, it’s all about doing anything we can to improve our website builder, so that the process of website building gets easier and easier on our members.

  • PhotoPro

    The great thing about this tool is that it can be use by all website builders and have no trouble at all! Its really easy to use and you can create amazing things, I am working right now on a photo gallery for my paintings and the portfolio is looking great. thanks Bob for sharing such great tools and the tutorial is quite simple, I would recommend this to everyone who wants to create a free website.

    • Bob Charles

      Hi there….actually this photo gallery is proprietary to IconoSites, so you can only use it when you build a website with IconoSites. When we decided to add a photo gallery feature to our website maker, we set out to build THE BEST photo gallery out there in terms of visual appeal and functionality.  

  • Candie11

    I already tried this, it was easy and quick this kind of website builders are such a relief, less time means more production and  building your own website instead of hiring someone else to do it makes everything better. Thanks!

    • Bob Charles

      Absoltuely!  Thanks for your comments!  I’m glad you found that you could create a website with a photo gallery so easily, because that’s exactly what we set out to do.  Our sole focus is on making the free website building process quicker, easier, and with significantly improved overall design quality over what you are used to seeing from other website makers.

  • Rod4

    As many here say, graphics are very important part of a website, and specially if you´re gonna build a business website having a nice and organized gallery is a MUST, and this is a great tool to get it done fast.

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