How to Add a Wazala Ecommerce Store to Your Website

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to build a website with eCommerce.  If you already have a site, we’ll show you how to add Ecommerce to your website.  We’ll do this using the IconoSites professional and easy website builder, which enables small businesses to create a website in minutes.

Video Tutorial

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial, here it is
(otherwise, continue with the written tutorial below):

Written Tutorial

1.  Sign up free account at Wazala website and create your first online store. Click here to sign up.

2.  Fill up the form with an Wazala store name. Then fill up the products and prices. Afterwards click Claim Store And Continue To Signup button. Please see the example image below.

3.  Next choose which package you’d like to try for 15 days. However you may need a credit card if you want to try it for 15 days trial. But if you wish to try it for free without using your credit card then click free store link found below. Please see screenshot.

4.  Then fill up the form to register an account. Other option to register is to use your account on Facebook, Google or Yahoo, you may able to do so.

5.  Next is to provide information about your store and check the User Agreement. Then click Create My Account. Check your email for verification.

Please see screenshot below.

6.  Once you’ve verified your email and your wazala account, you’ll have to login to your Wazala account.

7.  Next click the Get Widget at the tab section. Then copy the code, this will be pasted onto the Site Wide Scripts of the Header section in your Iconosite website. Please see screenshot below.

8.  Next login to your Iconosite account then click on the Header & Footer button. You will be pasting the code in the Site Wide Scripts.

9.  Now paste the code inside the Site Wide Scripts box. Please see screenshot below. Then click the SAVE after doing so. Please see screenshot.

10. Check now your website. If you see the red STORE button at the top right of your page, then you’ve successfully added Wazala. For more options, please go to your Wazala account and configure the images and descriptions of your
products. That’s it.

How to Start a Website in Minutes, Free!

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  • Zitly Timber

    Do you have any articles actually describing this website creator? I’m choosing between about 10 website builders, which to pick and why?

    • Bob Charles

      Hi Zitly,

      We don’t have any articles in particular about our web site creator but here’s what I recommend:  

      1.  Visit our home page and features page, and see all we have to offer.
      2.  Take 5 minutes to sign up and test out our easy website creator.  

      There’s no better way to make your decision on which is the best website builder than to actually try them out for yourself.  Since most allow you to sign up for free, you can do this pretty quickly.  

      Happy website building!!

      • Zitly Timber

        Oh, alright Ill take a look at your website builder then.. Probably worth giving it a shot!

  • Lamba

    Why would I actually need Ecomerce for in this website builder? I have never used it tbh.

    • Bob Charles

      HI Lamba, 

      If you build a website with eCommerce enabled, you can sell your products right there.  Wazala is a great option because it looks very,very professional on your website.  

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