How to Add a Ticket Support System to Your Website

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a website with a ticket support system.  If you already have a website, we’ll show you how to add a ticketing support system to your website.  We’ll do this using the IconoSites web site builder, where you can create a website in minutes.

Video Tutorial

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial, here it is
(otherwise, continue with the written tutorial below):

Written Tutorial

1.  You’re going to add Uservoice Feedback & Support Tool, here’s how. Sign up free account at

2.  Next choose which package you want to acquire. You can be able to select Full Service package without credit cards.

3.  Next simply fill up the registration form with your website or product information. Afterwards, click Create my account button after completing the form. Please see sample screenshot below.

4.  Next proceed to the set up process. Please click the button to proceed now. See screenshot below.

5.  If you sign up the Basic account, you may not have sufficient access to change any of the option. So for now you can leave the option to its default. Please copy the code as presented in the screenshot below. You’re going to paste this code to your Iconosites Header & Footer section.

6.  Once copied, login to your Iconosites account then click on Header & Footer button. Please refer to screenshot below.

7.  Scroll down and look for Site Wide Scripts then paste the code there. Please refer to the screenshot below.

8.  Click Save button to finish.

9.  Checkout your website and you should see at the lower right corner the feedback and support button. See sample finish work below. You’re done.

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  • Craig

    Support is definitely necessary on any business website, is very important part of costumer service, and this tool makes it easier for both clients and providers, so it is very important to build a business website that includes this service in order to keep the costumer satisfied.  This kind of tool is user friendly and makes it more possible to attend more requests, and as far as I know there is the possibility to include instant answers, which makes it lot easier.

    • Bob Charles

      Hi Craig, thanks for your comments.  Yes, this ticket system does include “instant answers” capability, so that when your customers are typing in their support issue it actually recommends solutions on the fly.  We have used this system to support our web site builder, and it was awesome but we have grown out of it.  What’s amazing is how easy it is to install and use, and that’s why we recommend it to our members.  The fact that you can instantly create a website for business and implement a ticketing system in seconds is just incredible.

      • Craig

        You´re right Bob it looks really easy to install and use, as easy as installing any program, it looks completely user friendly. I guess is part of the response of website builders to the people´s actual needs, specially the need to know everything the clients want to know about the product or service you provide,ticketing support is the way to go.  I´ll try it and recommend it.  

  • Andrea

    When you build a business website, and add the ticketing support service, does the client has the possibility to respond again with the same ticket and have a continuous communication if he or she has any more doubts?

    • Bob Charles

      Hi Andrea, absolutely!  when you create a free website here and add this ticketing system, you and the client have the ability to communicate back and forth on the same ticket as many times as necessary to resolve the client’s problem. It’s a very robust software to add to a website, and will increase your customer service quality and efficiency by a substantial amount. 

  • Andy

    Does other website builders have this tool to create ticketing support system? this is the first time I see one, and it seems to be quite simple thing to do cause the tutorial is very clear. 

    • Bob Charles

      Hi Andy, I am not sure if other free website builders offer this ticketing software when their users create a free website.  You’d have to check them separately.  But yes, this is extremely to add during the website building process with IconoSites.

  • Ken L.

    I havent found in other website builders this tool, my business website can really give our customers a full service now, thanks for making it so easy to install!

    • Bob Charles

      Hi Ken, trust me you’re going to love it!  This ticketing system is a very powerful addition when you create a website for business.  What you won’t believe is how much easier it makes it to handle general inquiries in addition to support questions. If you have employees, it’s a great way to keep them accountable for responding on time and with quality.

  • Vanessa

    Thanks Mr. Charles for the tutorial and feedback, I think this is the best tool if you want to give a great costumer service on your website, and this website builder makes everyones life easier for this purpose.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Vanessa, thanks for your kind words. Customer service is all about being organized and providing fast, thorough responses.  Most people wonder how to make a website with a ticketing system like this and still not “break the bank”, as they say.  We hope this tutorial forever changes that perspective.

  • Anne

    I want to build a business website that is attractive to clients and in which they can find all answers to any doubt they have about the service we offer, this is an elemental took to  achieve this goal and is necessary if you want to be peoples favorite.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Anne, we would agree with that!  If you have a lot of customers, and a product or service that requires some technical assistance, then a ticketing support system will really help you.  The key is to make a website with this system built in, so that it’s all ready to go and your customers can easily access it.

  • April

    Is great to see how website builders today allow people to make nice websites by themselves, the internet is so important now for earning money and is getting easier everyday.

    • Anonymous

      Hi April, thanks for the comment.  Yes, website builder software has come a long way.  We’ve tried to make our website builder as easy as possible.  The point is to provide a way for entrepreneurs to make a website, without needing the technical expertise that is common in the website development world.

  • Chat services

     Is your ticket support service is good and that your posts are easy to understand and i make use of it…

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