How to Add Videos to a Website

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a website with video.  If you already have a website, we’ll show you how to add a video to your website. We will illustrate this by using the IconoSites website creator, where you can build a business website in minutes.

1.  If you want to add your own video onto a webpage, you need to upload it first on Youtube. You will have to sign up a free account on, else if you do have an account already, please login and click Upload found at the right portion. Please see the screenshot below:

2.  There are 2 ways to add a video: from your computer or instantly record from your webcam. If you have an existing video saved from your computer then click the button Select files from your computer. Please see screenshot below:

3.  Navigate or browse the location of your video from your computer that you’d like to upload on Youtube. Please see screenshot below:

4.  While the uploading bar is in progress, write a title, description and keywords or tag to your videos. Click save when you’re done. Please see screenshot below:

5.  After you’ve uploaded your video, you will now be able to use the embed code to embed it into your webpage. Click the Embed button then copy the embed code which later on you’ll paste in your webpage. Please see screenshot below:

6.  Next login to your IconoSites Control Panel and click Edit to which page you’d like to add the video. In this example, home page was selected.

7.  Scroll downward to your Page Content and click on HTML tool. Please see screenshot below:

8.  Next is to simply paste the code that you’ve just copied from Youtube to place the video to wherever you want. The example is place at the bottom. Please see screenshot below:

9.  Click the Update and Save button. That’s it.  You just managed to create a website with video.

  • Hilda

    so um, if I have a site, I can add it myself, or do I have to use your website builder? thanks

    • Bob Charles

      Yes! You can add video to your website even if you don’t plan to use our easy web site builder…    

      • Hilda

        okay! but im thinking if it would be better for me to use your website builder?

        • Bob Charles

          Of course!  I highly recommend that you at least try us first, because you can build a business website so quickly and just test it out and see if its right for you.  It’s worth it because you can save a ton of money, time, and resources

  • Azizmohd Mohd Zirah

    Iconosite its easy to used 

  • Azizmohd Mohd Zirah

    Easy to used iconosite is the best for website creator thanks

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