How to add an RSS Feed to Your Website

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add an RSS feed to your website, using the IconoSites website builder.

Video Tutorial

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial, here it is
(otherwise, continue with the written tutorial below):

Written Tutorial

1.  Go to this link and login. If you don’t have an account, feel free to sign up.

2.  Next is to burn a new blog to create the RSS feed. If you already have RSS Feeds on your feedburner then all you have to do is to activate Buzzboost and embed the code onto your Iconosite webpage. In this example we’re going to assume that you already burn an RSS feed.

Click on the RSS Feed as depicted in this example:

3.  Next click on Publicize then click on Buzzboost. Please see screenshot below:

4.  Scroll downward and click Activate button. Please see screenshot below.

5.  Next scroll upward and copy the buzzboost code. Please see screenshot below.

6.  Next login to your Iconosite account and click on Edit on the desired page. In this example, Blog page will be edited.

7.  Next scroll down to Page Content and click HTML tool. Please see screenshot below:

8.  Paste the code on the HTML Editor, then click Update button. Please see screenshot below.

9.  Save your work and checkout your website, with the rss feed now added.

  • Stanley

    Mate, this website builder of yours, is it really worth it?

    • Bob Charles

      Well, if you want to create a free website, I’m not sure there’s a more robust and professional option out there for easy website building!  I say give it a try!  You sign up totally free and within minutes you’ll see if it’s really worth it.  

  • Jill

    i suppose this works, but I have seen like thousands of other easy website builders.. but I must admit this one looks pretty good..

    • Emily

      Hi Jill, I´ve also seen other website builders that are relatively easy, but I think this one is very simple as well. I´m trying it today on one of my blogs, I´m very excited and I hope you try it too.

      • Bob Charles

        HI Emily, I’m excited for you to give it a try and build a website for business, or for personal reasons. One thing I can assure you is that with IconoSites, you will have a website with stunning visual appeal that is sure to impress your visitors. This is the one main differentiating feature between our website builder and others that you will find on the market.  Huge difference in overall design quality.

    • Bob Charles

      Hi Jill, welcome to IconoSites!  I think you’ll find that we make professional, free website building just about as easy as it can get.  Thanks for your comments!

  • Andrew14

    I gave the website builder a try and I must say it works like a charm, this is by far a very effective way to put RSS feed into your blog and the tutorial is great. If anyone wants to build a free website consider using this tools to include everything you need to make it awesome. Remember that RSS feed is the best way to keep people connected to your site.

    • Chad

      I´m about to creat a free website and you made an excellent point here, RSS feed helps people to stay connected for longer and makes the website more dynamic. I´ll give it a try since it doesn´t look that it can take forever to put it up, by the contrary there are very few steps in the process.

      • Bob Charles

        Hi Chad, yes, RSS feeds are great for keeping people up to date with news and other information that refreshes itself on a daily basis. Most people dont realize that when they create a free website for a new business, that adding an RSS feed is as easy as it is.  

    • Bob Charles

      Hi Andrew, thanks for commenting!  We agree that RSS feeds can be great tools for anyone to add when they create a website.  And thanks for your compliment about our tutorial here…our goal is to make website building as easy as possible!

  • Lisa

    I´d love to create a free website too and I am considering adding RSS feed because I plan to update it  every day or two, I think this is an easy way to add this useful tool.

    • Bob Charles

      Hi Lisa, yes, if you add an RSS feed to your website, you don’t have to manually update your website every day with all the new content that is being posted to your blog or whatever else the source of your RSS feed is.  It’s a great tool to keep your business website fresh with new information, and the search engines love it too. I’m excited for you to try our website creator and see all the powerful features that free website building with IconoSites can afford you.  Welcome!

  • Heidy

    Many websites today have RSS feed, and it´s the best way to keep people interested on the topic the site desires to expose, so if you want to create a business website make sure to keep it updated, RSS feed is a great tool and here is an easy way to add it to your site.

    • Louis_SEO

      I agree with you Heidy specially when it is about promoting new products on your website or new posts, also i can learn really fast about other websites that I am interested in. I think that this tool, as you say, is great and using this website builder makes it simple to install.

  • Virginia

    I´m thinking about giving it a try for my blog, to me RSS feed is important to keep my readers updated, and other website builders I have seen are a bit complicated and since I don´t know much about this I have question, is it necessary however to use TrackBack in order to let people know about new posts? 

  • Rprater1968

    Can I use this RSS feed on another website that our Church already has set up? I’m looking to add feed so the members or guest will know of any updates to the site?

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