Create Web Pages that Attract Customers | How to Make a Website

Create Web Pages that Attract Customers. Here’s How.

Home Page: State a Clear Unique Value Proposition (“UVP”)

You need to state the one or two main reasons that you are uniquely positioned to solve your customers problem. This is not a list of features (that can go on another page when your website visitor is ready to dig deeper). It’s also not a long drawn out explanation of how your company came to be and how great you are. If you want to attract customers, you MUST immediately grab your visitor’s attention. Your unique value proposition is designed to do just that. In addition to your UVP, just provide highlights about who you are and what you do.

Main Navigation Pages: Support Your UVP

Your visitors have heard what you said in your UVP, and now they want more information to see if you can really solve their problem. Your goal is to give them all the information they need to make a decision and become a customer. Therefore, make sure that your pages are ordered in terms of importance starting from the left. Lead your visitor down the ideal path of web pages that you believe will lead them to becoming a customer.

Make it Extremely Easy to Contact You

We’ve all been to websites where you have to search for a phone number or way to contact the company. Don’t make this mistake. Put a “Contact Us” page in your main navigation (it should be the very last page on the right). List a phone number and/or email address in the header or footer of your website. Why is this so important? Because rarely do your visitors have all the answers they need to start handing you their money. They will almost always have questions. They also need to know that they can count on you after the sale. So make it easy to contact you, and you’ll attract a lot more customers.

Overall Rule of Thumb: Be Concise. We mean really concise.

By this we mean: Less text, less clicks. This means you should strive to eliminate any unecessary pages and text as much as possible.

For example, if you have several pages that only contain a paragraph of text, consider combining them onto one page. Or, if there’s some particularly important information you want your potential customers to see, don’t make them click around too much to find it. Instead, make it obvious.

If your potential customers have to work too hard to take the next step with your company (i.e. make an inquiry), most of them probably won’t. So keep it as concise and simple as possible.

A Tip on How to Determine Your Web Page Structure

We’ve already started you out with a couple of example web pages, but now’s the time to determine what you really need for your own business. To do this, we recommend sketching out a “Site Map”, which illustrates your navigational structure like a family tree:

How to Create & Edit Your Web Pages in IconoSites

1. Login to Your Account - and then go to the WEB PAGES section.

2. Add, Edit or Delete Pages - You can do all of these 3 actions right here. Start Editing Your Pages Now.

3. Change the Position of Your Pages - Click on the icon, and just drag and drop the page or section of pages to the position you would like it. Then, SAVE your page.Start Changing the Position of Your Pages.

4. Need Help? - Make use of the VIDEO buttons for every feature in IconoSites, to see a quick tutorial. Watch Tutorial Videos in Your Control Panel.

  • rodrigo

    Thank you, very interesting points in what to consider when creating a website, this are important things to consider, what I find more difficult is to be concise. 

    • Anonymous

      Hi Rodrigo, being concise is very important, but you right - it can be very tough especially when you feel that you have so many important points that you want to get across.  But when you make a website, you have to try to refine your content as much as possible.  It’s very important not to waste your visitors time!

      • rodrigo

        I´ve been analyzing other sites and I found something interesting, just as you say being easy to contact is vital when you make a website, but as I´ve seen there´s a significant number of pages that do not do this as easy as it should,

        • Anonymous

          I agree Rodrigo, this is why free website builders like IconoSites have become so popular.  It just makes the website development process so much easier.

  • Ned

    Thanks for all the tips, especially for the site map sketch, I´m in the middle of the process, creating a webpage and my sketch was too big, involving too many clicks and more complicated to explore.  I was about to make mistakes, fortunately light came and I´m re making it at the moment so it will be simpler and more friendly.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Ned, your comments are appreciated and they represent what most people go through when they decide to make a web page with our free website builder.  Their first instinct is to load up their site with dozens of web pages that way over-complicates the visitor experience.  You need to avoid this when you make your website. Your visitors are searching around because they have a problem and need a solution.  Give them that solution quickly and without much effort, and you’ll have a new customer.

  • Manny

    I thought editing a website was harder than creating a website, but now I know it really isn´t hard at all. 

    • Anonymous

      No, it’s not hard anymore with the advent of these amazing free website building tools.  However, while these tools have been around for some time, the quality has traditionally been very poor.  The IconoSites website maker is a step up from what currently exists, in that we cater to the upper echelon of design enthusiasts.  Those who appreciate class and sophistication in their design will certainly appreciate it when they make a website with this website builder.

  • Zachary

    Stating UVP is hard sometimes, even when you know what your page is for. But when you make a website sometimes telling visitors the main ideas of the site and why your site is important turns complicated, but it has to be there in order for the web page to work.

    • Anonymous

      There is no question that stating a unique value proposition for your website is both critical, but at the same time, difficult.  When you set out to create a website, you must really sit down and think this through.  Furthermore, you should always look at it as a dynamic statement that can and will change, depending on the way that your customers feel and react to your products and services.  The important thing is to understand its importance and to start somewhere.  From there, you can pivot and refine.

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