How to Make a Website with Google Adsense | Add Adsense to Website

How to add adsense to website
In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a website with Google Adsense.  If you already have a web presence, we’ll walk you through how to add google adsense to your website. We’ll do this using the IconoSites website builder, where you can make a website in minutes with stunning design, powerful features, and more.

Video Tutorial

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial, here it is
(otherwise, continue with the written tutorial below):

Written Tutorial

1. If you have an Adsense publisher account, you can be able to place Adsense advertisement onto your Iconosite web page. Here’s how, login to your Adsense account now then create a new AD format.

2. Copy the Adsense code from the AD format you just created.

3. Next login to your Iconosites account then click Edit to whatever web page you would like to place your Adsense Advertisement.

4. Scroll down then click the little box beside Yes, I want to have more than one column on this page. You can now be able to choose the number of columns in this particular page. In this example we have selected 2:1 so that we could place the advertisement at the right side of the page.

5. Next click the HTML tool icon to open the HTML source editor.

6. Next paste the Adsense code that you’ve just copied onto the HTML Source Editor. Then click the UPDATE button after doing so. Please see screenshot below.

7. Next click SAVE button to complete.

8. That’s it. You may checkout your website to see how adsense advertisement looks in your web page.

How to add adsense to website

Congratulations!  You now know how to make a website with Google Adsense,  and you can use this knowledge to add just about any affiliate program to your website and start earning money from it right away.

How to Make a Website in Minutes, Free!

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  • Linda

    I still don´t understand completely how this works, what is the role of Google Adsense to make a website better? Does it helps to bring more visitors? or do you get money if visitors click on publicity? 

    • Sandra

       What I know is, when you make a website and add Google Adsense you can make money since they give you a small profit when a visitors clicks in any of  the advertisements. Thats all I know. 

      • Bob Charles

        Hi Linda, Sandra is exactly right.  Adsense is a service run by Google that allows you to display ads on your website that are relevant to your content. Every time a visitor clicks on one of those ads, you get paid.  It’s as simple as that.  While a lot of people want to do this, most don’t know how to start a website with this type of functionality.  We hope this tutorial helps people integrate Adsense so that they can profit from it and run a more successful business.

        • Linda

           Thanks to both, now I understand and its very convenient, I´m really getting to know how to creat a website with more functions that just information here and there, its great.

  • Andre

    I didn´t know it was so easy to make a web site with paypal, I guess is why so many of us are afraid to do these things by ourselves, I´ll try it out on my next webpage. 

  • Monti

    I was also unfamiliar to adsense, reading this tutorial and comments of people here made understand better the purpose of this function, is really amazing the way you can make a website and add what fits better to what you´re looking for and personalize it so much, I guess is a new way of working and we all have to be learning constantly to keep the pace. 

    • Bob Charles

      Hi Monti, yes, technology definitely moves very quickly.  Only a few years ago, your only option to make a website was to hire a web developer which can cost several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the overall quality and size of the project.  Now with a website builder like IconoSites, you can start a website in minutes 100% free and get your business online with arguably better quality.  But perhaps more importantly, you get substantially more features and functionality which will save your business tons in the long run.

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