How to Backup Your Website using HTTrack and a Free Website Builder

How to Backup a website

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to backup your website using HTTrack. In just a minute, you can download this powerful software which is totally free, and download a copy of all of your web pages. It’s always smart to keep a backup of your website in case of any emergencies. In this example, we’ll make a copy of our IconoSite, which is a free website building software that allows just about anyone to make a website free with no technical knowledge at all.

Video Tutorial

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial, here it is
(otherwise, continue with the written tutorial below):

Written Tutorial

1. Go to and download HTTRACK software. Click here to go directly to the download section. Then download the appropriate version for your system. In this example, I have downloaded the windows version. Please see screenshot.

2. Once you’ve downloaded the program, locate the exe file then double click to install it. Click the NEXT button as illustrated by the image below.

3. Next, click I accept the agreement. Please see screenshot below.

4. Next specify the location where to install the program. You may leave the default location as is. Just click the NEXT button all the way to the next step.

5. Once installation is complete, click the Finish button. Please see screenshot below.

6. Next click the Cancel button if you’re not using any proxy address, otherwise please specify. Please see screenshot below.

Website backup software

7. Click NEXT button to start a new project. Please see screenshot below.

8. Next type a name for the project then click NEXT button.

9. Next click ADD URL button then enter your Iconosite website URL (you can get this by logging into your IconoSites website builder account, and click on “live site”, and then copy your address.  Or, you can find your live site address in the “Welcome to IconoSites” email your received after signing up), username and password. Please see screenshot below.

10. Click NEXT button.

11. Click the Finish button to start backing up your website. You should be able to see the backup process. Please see screenshots below.

12. Once you’re done backing up your website, browse through the folder where you saved the files. It should be at C:\My Web Sites. Please see screenshot below.

How to Backup a website

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  • Dakota

    Thanks for this great post, backing up is important for everything you do in a computer, it seems easy to do with HTTrack, every website creator should take this in count since it makes life easier and more relaxed not having to worry about losing information. 

    • Bob Charles

      When you make a website, sometimes one of the last things you are preparing for is losing your work.  Technology can be finicky and therefore it is always prudent to make a backup of your website whenever you make important changes.  This can save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

  • RobertK

    I´ve known too many people who never backup their work, due to bad experiences I´m a fan of backups, so I already used HTTrack through this free online website builder, and I´ll make sure to tell my friends and relatives about it.

    • Bob Charles

      Hi Robert, I’m glad that you managed to create a website and also back it up with our web page maker. It is so fast and easy to do, it just makes sense to have HTML backups of your work.

      • RobertK

        Thanks for answering,it totally does make sense, and these tutorials really help to me this is the best free website builder. 

  • Rachel

    Is not only important to backup the website but to know exactly how and where your page will be,  this tutorial has been really useful and I don´t know for sure but I think this is the only website builder that provides this service for free, cause usually all you find is back up programs but not for free. So thanks for this amazing tool. 

    • Bob Charles

      HTTrack is actually a third party service that can be used with our web page maker.  It is completely free, which is great.  So you can easily make a backup of your web pages right after you make a web site.

  • Stuart

    As easy as installing any other program in your computer. Actually it is great, this is definitely something I´ll do today, I´ve been using Iconosites and this is a great website maker, plus this other program seems very simple too. 

    • Anonymous

      This is a very easy backup tool to use in combination with our website builder. Whenever you decide to make a business website, you should always think about backing up your important documents and your website should be amongst the highest priorities.

  • Molly

    This is by far the easiest way I´ve seen to backup website documents, this website builder is really cool, I saw other tutorials and it really makes it simple to build a great site or to update existent websites with new features.

    • Anonymous

      With our website maker, it can’t get any easier to add pages or make changes whenever you want.  This is the real benefit of using a website creator tool when you decide to make a website.  In contrast to using a third party web developer, all the power and flexibility is now in your hands.

  • Cindy

    I asked a friend if he knew of a website creator that works, he recommended this site and told me about the tutorials, I´ll thank him today.

    • Jade

      Your friend was right, this is a great website maker, tutorials are very simple and in an easy way you can build a website or edit your site to make it more professional and complete.

  • George Allen

    By far the best free website builder! I found that backing my website has saved me from a lot of work, thanks for teaching us noobs how to do it :)

    • Anonymous

      When you first wonder where to create a website and find IconoSites, the last thing on your mind is how to backup your website.  The thought only comes after you’ve put a lot of time and energy into using the web page maker to build a site.  And, it should definitely be a priority because it doesn’t just protect you against catastrophe, but it also protects you against overwriting your own content by accident.  This is the inherent value in using a backup system like this one.

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