How to Create a Website with a Donations Page

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a website with a donations page.  You can accept donations online in minutes, and it’s extremely easy to set up.  In this step-by-step example, we’ll guide you through the process using the IconoSites website creator, where creating a website for your business or organization is just a few clicks away.

Video Tutorial

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial, here it is
(otherwise, continue with the written tutorial below):

Written Tutorial

1. Sign up a free account on

Accept donations online

2. Next is to upload an image of yourself and create an account name to hold the payment you’ll receive. Go ahead upload an image and type an account name. This will be quick and easy. Please see screenshots below.

Accepting donations online

3. Next is to choose the donation tool to accept payment. Go ahead click Accept Donations Raise Money. See screenshot below.

4. Type a campaign name and a message. Afterwards proceed to the next step. Please see an example below.

How to set up a donation website

5. Next highlight and copy your donation link form. Please see screenshot below.

Accept donations online

6. Next, login to your Iconosites website builder account and add a new page. Please see screenshot below.

7. Next choose Link to an External Website and type a name page.  Then paste the Wepay URL that you’ve just copied. Please see screenshot below.

8. Save your work and checkout your website. You should be able to see the donation link in the navigational bar.

Make donation website

How to set up a donation website

9. Lastly when you click on the Donate link of your website, you should be taken to Wepay donation form that looks like the image below. That’s it. You’ve just added Wepay donation form.

Congratulations!  You just learned how to accept online donations directly on your website.  Now, your organization can bring in the funds it needs to grow and thrive.  All with the help of our professional online website builder.

  • Mark

    What an easy way to create a donations page, Wepay seems to be an excellent system and having a way to receive donations online really makes things easier, as a site builder you´re providing great services.

    • Anonymous

      When using an online website builder, you’d never think it was this easy to integrate a donations system onto your web page.  Well, with the help of WePay, it now is.  You can literally start a website and begin accepting donations in a matter of minutes.  

      • Mark

        I have to say it was really easy, I did it yesterday and I was impressed, as a site builder you do a great service, it took like 15 minutes.

  • CherryB

    I´ve already made some good money with my new donations page for animal care purposes,   I´ve been wanted to do this for some time now and I finally added the donation page with this wonderful site builder three days ago, and for three days it has been good.  For the sake of the animals I hope we do better each day. 

    • Anonymous

      We really appreciate your cause and are happy that you have chosen to use our easy website builder as your platform.  We wish you much success.

  • Andy

    This is not only easy to install and add to the site or any business website, but is also easy to use for people who wants to donate, this is wonderful cause many people who does donations are not computer experts but is more comfortable for them to do it at home.

    • Anonymous

      It’s also cool that you don’t even have to embed this tool onto your website during the website building process.  You can simply link to it, using our external link feature.  Whatever is easiest for our members, and whatever will result in the most efficacy.

  • Sector5guitarplayer

    Having a donation page is vital for some institutions, and also for people who need to raise funds for an individual purpose, like helping someone who is sick.  We did it years ago for a relative who was really sick and we got donations through regular mail and bank account, but it would have really helped if we had access to a website maker like this one.

    • Anonymous

      You make a lot of great points, thank you.  Without website builders, I can’t imagine the difficulty there must be in not only collecting donations via snail mail, but also in simply marketing your cause.  It’s easy for us to take for granted the advent of the internet and how it affords the opportunities that it does for all of us.  Your comments have really put the concept of non-profit into perspective - especially regarding how much more efficient and prosperous they can now become with the help of sitebuilder software.

  • Tamara

    The great thing about this program is you can share on facebook and for a donation page that means a lot of help, is good that this web page maker includes free programs like this one.

    • Anonymous

      When you build a website with a donation page and then take a step further by marketing with social media, you’re definitely on the right track.  Social media is great for supporting non-profit causes because you can so quickly and easily find people who care and build a following.  

  • Erick

    Is important that a donation page works well and fast, this program really makes it work at least it did on my page, this site builder has really helped me a lot building my website.

    • Anonymous

      There’s no question that when you create a website and utilize WePay, you’re going to have a fully functional and fast donation system.  This is a very high quality option that anyone should consider when creating a website.

  • Adrian Glass

    I have been meaning to set up a donation website but till I found your site I wasn´t sure I was going to be able to do it because I didn´t have the money to pay a web page maker but I am just on my way to finishing it. The donation page along with the “about us” section in my website are the corner stones and I am extremely happy I am able to build the website all by myself. Thanks for sharing such an amazing tool, bless you!

    • Anonymous

      That’s really great to hear Adrian.  When we set out to make this free website builder, we always hoped that it would empower entrepreneurs like you to create a website when you otherwise would have not, due to financial reasons or whatever.  You have proven the concept that one can now, quickly and easily, make a web page with a donation option.

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