How to Make a Website with a Payment Form, using Wufoo

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a website with a payment form using Wufoo.  In just a few minutes, you’ll be accepting payments online.   We’ll show you how to make the payment form and embed it into your website, and we’ll do this using the IconoSites online website builder.

1. Go to and sign up for free account.  Click Sign Up for Free button now.

How to accept payments on your website

2. Next make a new form. Just click the text as illustrated by the arrow below.

3. Now to make it easier for you to create an instant online payment form, you can click the gallery to choose ready made forms. Go ahead click it now. Please see screenshot below.

4. There are many forms in the gallery, but choose only the online payment form. Click it now. See screenshot below.

5. Next is to edit the form according to your specification like product, description, and price. Go ahead click the section of the form to start editing at the left side of the page.

Accepting online payment

6. After you’ve edited your form, you can save it. Once you’ve done that, go back to form manager.

7. Next, click Code so that you’ll be able to copy and embed this form onto your Iconsite website. Then click Embed Form Code menu, then copy the code. Please refer to screenshot below.

8. Next, login to your Iconosites website builder account and select the page which you’ll be placing your online payment form. Paste the code inside the HTML Source Editor. Please see screenshot below.

Accept payments online

9. Save your work and view your website. You should be able to see your Wufoo online payment form. That’s it.

Accepting online payment

Just like that, you’ve now learned how to accept payments on your website.  Now it’s time to promote your website and the products and services you have to offer, so you can utilize this payment form to start earning and/or growing your revenues.

How to Make a Website in Minutes, Free!

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  • Craig

    This seems to be a great way to add payment form, this is great to improve my business website, I really liked this tutorial, it seems to be very simple.

    • Anonymous

      It is very simple, Craig, and it’s a wonderful addition to a new business website.  The fact that you can so easily make a website with our website builder and then immediately start accepting payments online, is a very powerful proposition for all types of businesses and organizations.

  • Oscar

    What I found great about this programm is that I can edit the form, this is really important because my site has very specific items, so the form has to be really specific too, this is a great tool for any business website.

    • Anonymous

      When you learn how to start a website, and learn how to add all sorts of features and elements to your website, it can be a very powerful advantage for your business.  Being able to make a specific payment form that is tailored for your specific business is crucial.  This is all possible with the advent of web page makers.

  • Shane

    I used this and already got payed for stuff I put for sale, so it worked perfectly I had no trouble at all, you provide lots of information about adding interesting tools, great web page maker.

    • Anonymous

      We’re happy that you were able to use our site builder and add this payment form, but we’re even happier that you have already started collecting payments for your business.  That’s the whole point!   

  • Chase

    This has been the perfect addition to my business website, I´m still in the process of building it and I´m using lot´s of tools from this platform.

    • Anonymous

      When you make a website with all of these tools, there’s really not much else you need to have a fully functional business website.  I’m glad that you have taken time to test out all the different features, because we have a ton to offer within our free website builder.

  • Nelly

    This site builder really provides tools that are easy to use, I thought editing the form was gonna take more time than it did. By choice I took my time to make it look as good as I could, and still it was very simple.  This process is not complicated at all. 

    • Anonymous

      I must say, your form looks great!  This is one of the great things that a web site builder has to offer. When you implement payment forms like this so professionally and easily, it can be so advantageous for a small business.  Normally, adding these types of website elements can be very expensive.  Not anymore.

  • Nathaly

    The form gallery is absolutely amazing, I love how my form looks, is very clear and atractive, is great for a business website.

    • Anonymous

      We’re glad that you were able to utilize our web page maker and the Wufoo form builder to add a form to your site.  Creating a website at this level - so quickly - is exactly what we are trying to empower our members to do.

  • Cris

    This program really makes the site look pro, I like how it looks and still can´t believe how easy it was to add the payment page, this is a good web site maker, and works really well for me. I don´t have much time to sit on the computer. 

    • Anonymous

      Hi Cris, we really appreciate the compliments.  When we first created our site builder, we deliberately put our emphasis on design.  We want our members to have a sophisticated, professional look that can only be compared with expensive websites. Naturally, the quality of our design is the feature that we receive the most compliments on.  Thanks again.

  • Chase.L

    Having a nice payment page is a nice way of presenting to clients for any business website, and this programm is the way to go definitely, specially if you want to add the page for free. 

    • Anonymous

      Hi Chase, you are absolutely right.  A professional payment form is an important image to portray to your clients when you are asking them to give you their money. You are trying to build trust, and you want your customers to have confidence in your products and services.  The website design process should compliment this, and that is why our website builder along with this payment form is so powerful.

  • Horace

    The tutorial made adding the payment form to my business website so simple I canpt believe it, I already had a paypal button but it didn´t look professional, now I think it looks just like I wanted it.

    • Anonymous

      When you make a website and your payment option is via paypal, it definitely portrays a less than professional image.  Adding a payment form like Wufoo’s is definitely a step up for any small business website.  

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