How to Make a Website with a Visitor Stats Counter

How to build a website

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a website with a visitor stats counter embedded on it.  This way, you can promote the popularity of your website.  We will do this using the IconoSites free website builder, where anyone can build a website in minutes with no knowledge of HTML/CSS.

1. Go to the website and select a graphic for your counter. Simply click the radio button to select. Please see screenshot below.

How to build a website

2. Enter your website and your email address in the textbox below the counters. Then click the agreement radio button and the Generate free hit Counter html code button. Please see the example screenshot below.

3. Next highlight and copy the code. You’ll be placing this code in your Iconosite webpage. Please see screenshot below.

4. Login to your Iconsites free website creator account and go to the Header and Footer section.

5. Scroll down then click the HTML icon in your footer content. Please see screenshot below.

6. Next paste your website counter code into the HTML Source Editor pad then click the UPDATE button. Please see screenshot below.

7. You should be able to see your counter now in your footer content editor. Save your work to finish.

8. View your website to see your counter in action. Finish.

Congratulations!  You now have a visitor stats counter on your website.  We highly recommend that you place this stats counter in the footer of your website, that way it will be visible on every page.  Furthermore, it is definitely the most common and standard location for a visitor counter.  As you can see above, we’ve made all of this extremely easy to do when you make a website with our online website builder.

  • Craig Lonsdale

    The visitor counter was very easy to add to my website, this is by far the best free website builder there is. I think that having a counter not only helps you but shows other visitors how many people are interested in your website and this can give you tons of exposure and referals. Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial.

    • Bob Charles

      When you learn how to create a website with IconoSites, you soon learn that anything is possible.  Adding a visitor hit counter is so easy, it’s just one of the many powerful tools you can add when creating a website.

  • Andy B.

    As a free website builder you rule, I´m always checking your tutorials to see whats new and how can I make my page better.  This feature is one I love, it works for people when you show numbers for some reason, and this is one I´ll add today. 

    • Bob Charles

      Yes, when you add this tool when you make a website, it’s sort of a way to tell your visitors that your website is indeed popular and worthy of perusing further.  I certainly wouldn’t recommend adding it if you are light on traffic.  But once your traffic starts rolling in, go ahead and add it using our website creator.  It will then become an advantage.

  • SurfinBird12

    I love the fact that you can choose the design you want for your website, when you start learning how to create a website you feel like you are never going to finish your site but tools like this make life very easy and give your site a very important tool. Thanks for teaching us!

    • Bob Charles

      Thanks for your comments…we’re just trying to provide the most comprehensive free website creator out there.  One that not only enables entrepreneurs to build a website for business, but is accompanied with extensive in-depth tutorials and 5-star support.

  • counterforsite

    Great to know the step by step description.I like your way of explanation.Well the main
    purpose of the statistics is to work out how well or how badly your site is
    working for your visitors.But the value of analytics comes from the action you take the data.So, unless you are going to take the action in real time you really don’t need.

    • Bob Charles

      That is certainly a good point.  When you start a website, and you add something like a visitor hit counter, you should intend to have a proactive mentality. You need to make use of these statistics to determine whether your marketing is working or not.  The good news is that adding these types of statistics (including something like Google Analytics) is extremely easy with our web builder.

  • Leenah

    I had no trouble at all at adding the counter to my site, I didn´t know how to create a website like two months ago and now my site has counter, and other stuff like facebook and twitter buttons, nice pics, it looks really nice and pro. 

    • Bob Charles

      We’re glad you’re taking advantage of these tutorials to get yourself a free business website. Even more importantly, we love that you are complimenting the professional and sophisticated appearance that comes standard with our free website maker.

  • Carl

    Is very cool to have control of the number of visitors on a site  and is better if you can show this to people who visit you, so this tool can be great publicity, this is a feature I never thought I could find in a free website builder, I thought it was harder to get or that it would cost money, so I´ll definitely use this. 

    • Bob Charles

      There are a lot of amazing website tools that you will find in this blog and in our support center, that are all mostly free and that you can embed using our website creator when you make a website.  I suggest you check them out, because you can really take your web pages to the next level.

  • Christina

    Life is in some cases all about popularity and fame, so when we own a popular site we sure want people to know about it, is interesting that a webpage maker offers this since it has been less used lately,  do you have any idea why? or is it my imagination?

    • Bob Charles

      That’s a good point and to be honest Im not sure, but I agree that you rarely see this tool used these days.  Maybe it became to easy to manipulate these tools and so popular websites started removing them.  Since the trend these days is to not use them, I think most people are following that.  The great part is that when you create a web site, the choice is in your hands.  You can do whatever you feel is best for your small business website.

      • Rose W.

        I see the point, as you say, for the big websites, but with a small business the thing can be very different, having people know your website is visited is very important and if you are really trying to find how to make a website more appealing this is one of the many things that might work.

  • Albert

    This is an interesting phenomenon, when people see high numbers of visitors they get more interested on a website. so this is something that can beneffit anybody that knows how to create a website and is interested in increasing traffic. 

    • Bob Charles

      This type of tool can definitely increase traffic.  That is why it can be especially important to add this tool if you have a free website and you already are gaining a decent amount of traffic.  Why not show it off?  All of this is possible with our free website creator, so there’s no reason not to give it a try.  

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