Embed Social Sharing buttons with our Website Builder

Social Media is undoubtedly the only place where you can interact with your customers and potential customers directly. The likes and shares you receive on a free web page or a website, directly affects your social presence. In this tutorial we will learn how to add Social Sharing Buttons to the Iconosites website builder using the AddThis.com application.  If you’re still learning how to create a website, this tutorial is a perfect way to learn how to embed apps and tools into your web pages.

Without wasting a second lets get down to work and make your awesome looking small business website popular on the social platforms.

1) First we need to sign-up for an account at Addthis.com. Addthis.com allows you to register through a number of ways. For the purpose of simplicity, we would go through a regular Email sign up process. Press the blue button that says “Get the code for your site”.

2) This will pop-up a sign-up form. Register an acccount using this form.

3) After you register your Email, you will be prompted to verify your Email. Also, you will be shown the next window on the site. The screen will be divided into 2 parts. On the left hand side, you will be shown various types of buttons. Select the one that you would like to show on your website. On the right hand side, you will be shown live preview of the buttons followed by the code. You can select any button style from the left side and the code will be shown on the right.

Left Hand Pane

Right Hand Pane

4) Now login to your Iconosites web design account and Press “EDIT” on the page where you want to add these buttons.

5) Scroll down to the Page Content area and press HTML button in the toolbars.

6) Paste the copied code at the place where you want the buttons to appear on your business website. For the sake of convenience, its better to paste the code at the top or at the bottom.

7) That’s it! Save the page by clicking on “Save & Exit” and view the professional and classy website you have just designed with our easy website creator.

  • Valerie F

    I have been looking for a long time for a web page maker that would allow me to add all the social networks buttons at once, I am glad I finally found it here!! This was actually very simple to do, the registration was a breeze no trouble at all, it took me around 10 minutes to do it but that is only because I like to redesign HTML, if you just copy paste it it will take you a couple of minutes.

    • Drake

      You are absolutely right, I wanted to create a website that could become popular for the group of people it is directed, and having all the social networks buttons was something I really wanted, so I found this tutorial and it went great.

  • Adrianne

    This is really amazing, it is so easy to have all the social media buttons on a website, I didn´t know addthis but its wonderful and this will increase the number of visitors on my free website for sure.

  • Candy

    I own a free website and I´m definitely adding buttons today, I thought it was more complicated or harder to do, I´ve used this website maker in other ocassions and this tutorial is definitely one of the best.

    • Nora

      It is very easy to add the buttons, did you manage to add them to your website? Having social sharing buttons is a must for everybody, you need to connect fast with your visitors, let us know if they are working for you.

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