Create Your Own Website with a Survey or Poll

Surveys are a great way to gauge what your readers may be thinking. Additionally, they serve as neat tools which you can use to gather data on your target market. For this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create your own website  with a Poll Daddy Survey.  You won’t even need to worry about your website design, because your poll or survey will fit right onto your free web page seamlessly.

You can sign up for a free account where up to 10 questions can be asked and 200 entries can be gathered per month. And by using the IconoSites professional and easy web page maker, where you can build a website in minutes, the process is a matter of signing up and pasting the code onto the page you’re working on.

Start By Signing up at PollDaddy

1) Go over to Poll Daddy’s website and sign up for a Free account.

2) There are two options you can sign up with: by Facebook or email. I suggest you use your email for privacy reasons. So from there insert your Name, a username, Email and Password. Then click on ‘Create My Account’.

3) The following screen will ask you to confirm your email in order to log in.

Click on the link sent to you within your email.

Create Your Poll or Survey

4) Now you’ll find that you’re inside your Poll Daddy dashboard. From there, click on Create a new … A pull-down menu will allow you to select from a few choices: Survey, Poll, Quiz or Rating. Since our topic is to create a survey, we’ll select Survey.

5) Within this page there are many optional choices, however you want to first start out with the Survey Name. From there select a style that suits the questions you’ll ask your audience. Then choose if you want additional options such as customizing your start message, showing a progress indicator or back button.

Below this page are more options for you to choose from such as closing date, language customization, multiple responses and also a few restrictions. Tick the areas that applies to you. I would suggest that you restrict the response to one computer since you don’t want too many responses from any one person who might be spamming you. From there, click on Save Settings to continue.

6) Now it’s time to build your survey. Remember, you’re allowed up 10 questions as a free user. And you can build this in a number of many ways. Poll Daddy allows you to mix and match between types. Overall, the choices are vast. By scrolling down the page, you can see what is available to you. See screenshot below.

For this tutorial, we’ll create a simple multiple choice survey. To do that just click on Multiple Choice. From there, insert a question then a few multiple choices. Do this for several questions you may have. See graphic below.

7) When you’re done with your survey, click on Finish & Share.

8 ) A screen will now pop up giving you a few options on how you can integrate your survey onto a web page. I suggest you take a look at the first three options, Website Popup, Website inline or Direct Link as they are the most commonly used. Take your time and see which one is best for you. For this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the Slider Popup. See screenshot below.

Login to Your Website Creator Account

9) Next, log-in into your Iconosites website creator account and click on ‘Add page‘ option on the bottom menu.

10) Give your new page a name and set it to Standard Page Template (this is the most common page type to select within our website builder), then click on Create.

11) Scroll down towards Your Page Content area and click on the HTML button.

12) Within the HTML Source Editor paste the Poll Daddy survey code. Then click on Update.

13) You now just need to click on Save & Exit to make sure the code is saved on your page.

Check Out Your Free Web Page

14) Take a look at your the site you have created with our website maker. The slider popup survey should now be there.  Now, you can experiment with other embedding options.

  • jaime

    I love surveys! I was looking through your website design software and came across this article as the title caught my eye. You can learn SO much from surveys and if you want to know what people think of your website and what you can improve on this is the way to do it.

  • Jimmy

    This website creator you got here has helped me get my site up and running. To see what others have thought of my site I thought I would do this survey thing and see if the readers are satisfied. Just a quick survey and a quick tutorial. That is all I need.

  • Tacari

    I didn’t see where you find out how many surveys you can make a month though. But otherwise this seems like a great thing to add to your page, I could have fun with this on my blog. I will have to use your website creator and make a survey just for the fun of it.

  • kelly

    I used your website design software to make a survey for my company and they were thrilled with the results. With the results we were able to make a few tweaks and it was a simple process. These tweaks allowed me to save our company some money and made me look good in front of my boss, a win, win!

  • Abby

    I’m glad you don’t need a degree in web design to follow along with your tutorials! You keep it simple and I was able to get a survey up and running on my site in no time.

  • Mikey

    I think that 10 questions is more then enough to get the information you need from your users/readers/clients. Thanks for a great tutorial on your website maker!

  • anabelle

    Your website creator is amazing, you have a real talent! I must say I am ever so glad that your are sharing your talent with us free of charge! Your a big help and I appreciate all the hard work you are doing to make it possible for me to have a great page!

  • Michelle

    I like creating surveys about the products I sell and I gotta say that I never do surveys longer than 5 questions but I love the fact that you can do 10, having a free website gives you freedom to modify your site whenever you want and add whatever you want, that´s why i love this, and the tutorials are so easy to follow you just want to keep creating websites lol

  • Steven Life

    You know that I noticed that if you are going to have a survey on your free website you really don´t need more than 10 questions, I actually did a survey about that!! :D I built it using poll daddy after reading this tutorial and asked my readers how many questions would they think a survey on my site should have and the most common answer was 5, so there you go, having 5 questions is best.

  • Ronnie

    I really see what you say at the beginning of the tutorial and it is true, the survey fits with the webpage design very well, at least mine looks good, better than I thought it would, as a

  • JoJe

    I just started a t - shirt business to make more money I decided to create a website and to add surveys in order to see which designs I should print and sell and it has worked like a charm, I love having my costumers opinion because I can really give them what they want.

  • Jackie

    After reading all these comments I got convinced to add a survey on my website, It seems to be a great way to know what people want and be updated to clients needs, its a good thing that these days you can create a website by yourself and add all these fancy features without any professional help.

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