How to Resize Photos for Your Website Very Quickly

how to resize photos

Sometimes while working with images on our free website, we are faced with the problem of them being very big and going out of page and distorting everything. This tutorial will show you how to solve this problem and make a better looking website with our professional website maker.

Below is a webpage with a very big image that is not only looking ugly but also disturbing the text underneath.

website maker

This is how we will solve the problem.

1) Go to

2) Now press the ‘Browse’ button and select the file to be resized.

free website

3) Refer to the screenshot below if you need help with uploading the picture.

website builder

4) After you have selected the image, press the continue button.

web page maker

5) This will upload the image on the server. The next screen will allow you to resize your image to any size you need. From the drop down menu, select custom option and enter the required dimensions and then press the big yellow button at the bottom.

webpage maker tools

6) After the image has been resized, you will be shown the next screen which will allow us to download the image to our computer.

how to resize photos with a website creator

7) Take the downloaded image, and upload it to your website using our easy web page maker.  I did the same and now my site looks a lot better. Check it out in the following screenshot.

free web page

  • Andrew Mc

    This was a great tutorial, not only you get to create a free website that looks professional but you don´t have to spend a lot of time using photoshop or other complicated photo editing sofware, you can improve your website design by choosing the right size for your photos right here, awesome tool!

    • Christine

      You´re so right, software like photoshop that are specially designed for photo editing are hard to use sometimes, this is easier and it definitely saves time. Sometimes is hard to create a website when you´re not computer expert, but these kind of tutorials make our lives easier in many ways.

  • Mariah

    Even when I have absolutely no idea of how to design a website I was able to resize the pictures I wanted to add to my new site, this tutorial was very helpful and also some other I found here.

  • George R.

    I wonder if we really need software anymore? Really you can find many tools on the web and your recommendations are always the best, I like the fact that I don´t need to carry my computer around to do improvements to my free website, I can just use any computer with an internet connection to modify my site, the picture resize tool is the best, you do this in seconds and you get to keep your new file if you want to re-use it.

  • Jonathan

    I used to edit my pics on pixlr but this tool is easier and more efficient for resizing, it took less time and effort really, I´m glad I found this website maker and this tutorial, it made my day easier.

    • Lars

      I have to agree with you, here you get the best website creation tools, I am workingon my 3rd free website, I also think that this pic resizer is one of the easiest to use and the results are cool, the size you want is the size you get.

  • Danny Velez

    I have been building my website for a few weeks and I found this to be the best website creation tool, I use a lot of pictures in my website, it is a family site so I post almost all the events we have, I first planned on building a free blog but I prefer a real site, I think people enjoys more a website and I love building it and learning and putting dedication into it.

  • Lindy

    I am always on the look for the best website creation tools and I think you always share the best, I tried this out and it was so easy to use I now have my little sister doing the pic resizing for me :) She wanted to take part in building out site and this tool is very easy to use and at the same time the results are always perfect, the size is the one you choose.

    • Stanley

      I totally agree on how easy is this tool to use, this website making software is very good at providing these kind of features and the easiest ways to get them.

  • Laurie

    Amongst the best website creation tools is the pic resize, I love it, easy to use and it works every time, really, even my grandma can use this!! lol

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