How to Add Your Website to Search Engines

how to add website in search engine

In this tutorial, we will show you how to add your website to search engines like Google and Bing.(Note: when you submit to Bing, you are automatically submitted to Yahoo!.  Bing supplies Yahoo!’s search results.).  Once you complete these steps, the search engines will send their spiders to “crawl” your website, so that your site can be found on search engine queries.

1.  To start, visit one of these links:

2.  Then click Add your URL text. Please see screenshot below.

how to add website in search engine

3.  Next is to provide the Iconosite website URL, Captcha letters, then click Submit Request. Please see example screenshot below:

add website to search engine

4.  Once you’ve click Submit Request, you’ll see a response as depicted in the image below.

how to add website to search engine

How to Submit Your Website on Bing Search Engines

1.  Go to this link

2.  Type your Iconosite website URL in the textbox and copy the Captcha letters. Please see example screenshot below.

website add to search engine

3.  Lastly, click Submit URL button. You should see the image below after submitting. That’s it you’re done.

how to add website to google search engine

How to Make a Website in Minutes, Free!

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  • Julian

    Do I need to submit every single page or just the link of my homepage??

    • Bob Charles

      Hi Julian, all you need to do is grab the main URL of your website (i.e. and submit it once!

  • kev142

    Good piece of information. Easy to understand for a non-techie like me. I’ve got a question though, besides google and bing, where else can i submit my website??

    • Bob Charles

      Notice that we mentioned in this article that if you submit to Bing, Bing actually supplies Yahoo’s search results so in effect you are submitting to both.  You dont really need to submit your website to any other search engines.  Just do this and then you can go back to using our website builder to keep improving your website!

  • ellie_me

    Thank you so much. It was easy to follow with step by step guide. I appreciate you taking the time to do this.

    • Bob Charles

      No problem!  Many members of our website builder had asked us to do this tutorial, so I’m glad you appreciated it also!

  • BigHead

    I think submitting to search engines is a waste of time. They will find you, and quickly, with the right authority. We all know that authority comes from unique / high-quality content, and inbound links..Just my 2 cent..Anyway iconosites is the best free website builder i’ve ever used..

    • Bob Charles

      Hi BigHead,

      There are many who agree with you.  But for those with a brand new website, this is a quick way to add your website to the search engines.  And that’s what most people want.  

      Thanks for the comment!

  • Babyrina

    What other search engines should be on your list? The other engines aren’t as widely used, but they are used. Losing their traffic would be a shame if it only needed a few clicks.

    • Bob Charles

      We find that if you submit your website to the main search engines like Google and Bing (Bing is Yahoo…), the other search engines will find you and therefore you dont need to manually track them down and add your website to each of them.  

  • mdpii

    I am asking for clarification prior to submitting!  In step 3 of adding to Google, you state add your iconosites url, to clarify not my own url (I have a custom domain)?

    Also in step 2 of adding to Bing, you state add your iconosites url, not my custom domain url?
    thank you

    • Anonymous

      To be clear, if you have a custom domain, you should only submit that to the search engines.  Basically, you only want to submit to the search engines what you want them to display in the search results.  That’s all this submission does — it tells them what you - the website owner - wants to display in the search results.

  • nani

    Thank you so much…this information was very useful. Step by Step instructions, made this easy..ty

  • pinkiepiebronyman

    It was usful!

  • Guest


  • Guest

    Um how old are you?

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