Get Found - Add Your Website to the Search Engines Today | How to Make a Website

Get Found - Add Your Website to the Search Engines Today.

So, You’ve got a gorgeous IconoSite. It’s time to unleash it to bring in some customers.

But before you submit your website to the search engines, make sure you’ve settled on your site address. This will either be your IconoSites site address which you chose during the signup process (i.e., or a custom domain (i.e.

Set up a Custom Site Address

Setting up a custom site address is a 1-2 minute process with IconoSites. See our instructions on How to Setup a Custom Domain.

To OWN the first impression with your customers and build a successful sustainable business - it’s crucial that you have your own Site Address (i.e. and remove any hint or indication that you paid nothing for your website.

This is precisely why it’s time to Upgrade to a Premium Account.

Submit Your Site to the Search Engines

After you’ve decided on a site address, you should then Add Your Website to the Search Engines. Soon after, your website will start appearing in the search results on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and others.

Want to improve your rankings for certain keywords? See our 3-part series on Want to SEO Your Small Business Website? - I’ll Save You Tons.


  • Charles

    Creating a website was very hard not such a long time ago, this builders really help a lot, thanks for the tutorial

    • Anonymous

      HI Charles, what you say is very true.  It not only was hard to make a website, but it has traditionally been expensive too.  A professional website builder like IconoSites has completely changed that.  Thanks for your comment!

  • Will

    I´ve already made all this process and it wasn´t hard at all, before I thought it was gonna take longer, but it didn´t so creating a website was not a bid deal, and compared to friends I know I have a very decent amount of visitors in my page, so this works.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Will, one of the most important things to do after you create a website is to submit your URL to the search engines.  The search engines could take days or weeks to crawl your website, so the sooner you do it, the better.

  • Jules A.

    This has been very good to my site, I added my website just now and I hope I´ll be more visited the following weeks, this must be a great way to make a website  more popular and easier to find.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jules, from our experience it can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks for Google to start including your website in the search results.  So for now, it’s best to create a website with all your content so that when the search engine spiders from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others arrive at your site it can crawl all of your unique content.  Posting high quality, unique content is ultimately very important when it comes to your search engine position.

  • Doug Coleman

    This is the first time I hear of this, I always thought that just by creating a website you would inmediately appear on google or yahoo, thanks for the advice! 

    • Anonymous

      Hi Doug, under normal circumstances your website will be crawled by the search engines and it will be included in the search results.  The difference here is, this process can take several months or years instead of several weeks if you go ahead and submit your URL to them after you make a website.   

  • Bpoporopa123

    I had no idea how good this worked, to me creating a website ended in editing it and making it look great, but this was the perfect final touch, I did this four days ago and I´ve seen results already.  Thanks for the great tutorial. 

    • Anonymous

      That’s great to hear.  Normally the search engines take more than a couple days to crawl your website and begin listing your site in the search results. However, it can happen this fast depending on your timing.  If you catch Google on the tail end of their crawling then you just may get lucky and have your website listed sooner.  The great part is all of this can be done in just a couple minutes with the help of our website maker.  

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