How to Make a Web Page with a Powerpoint Presentation

Powerpoint on website

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a web page with a powerpoint presentation.  Yes, you can make a powerpoint presentation and embed it onto your website.  It’s really easy to do, and we’ll show you how to do it using the IconoSites free website builder.

Video Tutorial

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial, here it is
(otherwise, continue with the written tutorial below):

Written Tutorial

1. Go to and login with your Windows Live ID.

2. Next click on Public folder, this is where you’re going to place your power point file and will be available by everyone.

3. Next click Add Files then select power point file to be uploaded. Please see screenshot below.

How to put powerpoint on a website

4. Next Right Click and select Embed. Then click Generate button. Please see screenshot.

5. Next copy the code which you’ll be pasting later on into your Iconosite website. Please see screenshot below.

6. Now login to your Iconosite website builder account and select which page to place your slide. Just click one of those pages. In this example the Home page was selected. Please see screenshot.

7. Next scroll down and click HTML tool in the Page Content section then click Update afterwards. Please see screenshot below. Please see screenshot below.

8. Save your work.

9. Checkout your website. You should be able to see your slideshow in your webpage just like the one below.

Powerpoint on website

Congratulations!  You have just learned how to create a website with a powerpoint presentation.  Now, you can create as many powerpoints as you wish and use them to showcase your business, educate your customers, and grow your business.

  • Victor

    Having a power point presentation or a video in a website is so useful to illustrate procesess to visitors, I have to include this to my page and when I create a website for my new project I´ll add it too.

    • Anonymous

      Normally, people don’t think about embedding a powerpoint presentation when they make a web page, or when they undergo the process of creating a website in general.  Powerpoint on a website is not something we normally see while surfing the net.  Nonetheless, this can be a very powerful addition to your website if your presentation contains valuable information to promote or help your visitors understand the value in your products and/or services.  And, we make them really easy to add when you use our web page maker and follow the steps in the above tutorial.

      • Victor

        Yes it can also work for products and is not something we see very often but for sites that are mainly informative or scientific power point presentations work very well.  I do think this site builder makes it easy to add these kind of tools to a website, and make it better.

        • Anonymous

          To us, it’s all about having the most powerful web builder tool possible.  Although it’s not part of the software itself, we believe that  our dedication to providing truly 5-star support is a big part of what makes IconoSites an all-encompassing website building solution.

  • D.Vargas

    I have a power point presentation on my site and it took minutes, it was just following steps and now is done, great tutorial, I really love having a site builder to go to in order to make my site the best site I can do.

    • Anonymous

      It’s awesome that you initially came here and didn’t know how to make a website with a powerpoint presentation on it, but then after this tutorial we’re able to do it so quickly and with such optimism.  We’re glad that you’re happy with our web page maker too!  thanks again for your comments.

  • Trent Collins

    I love this feature and the tutorial makes it so easy. I sell software products, licences to small companies and most of the time I have to present the products with power point which I think is very easy to use and you can make really professional presentations, I love being able to incorporate the presentations when I make a website to show a product. This is really by far the best website maker there is.

    • Anonymous

      I agree that powerpoint can be a very effective way to sell your products and services, especially when a more technical breakdown or presentation is required to lead your visitors through a sequence that ultimately properly illustrates the value.  This is why it is such a common tool used by salespeople in face to face meetings.  The fact that you can create a website with powerpoint embedded on it, takes the advantages that salespeople harness in person and puts it on the web. 

  • Robert Keller

    Power point presentations can be great publicity  specially if you sell something, you can illustrate how your product will make someones life better and is easier and more attractive that writting it down, besides lots of text can make a website less attractive and boring. 

    • Bob Charles

      That’s actually a great point, Robert.  Too much text, too much reading, and other distractions only get in the way of the visitor experience.  You need to try to keep your content as simple and concise as possible when you create a website.  Our website builder starts you out with some default pages and text, which should help you get an idea of where to start.  But when you make a website, you shouldn’t look for every opportunity to add more and more text and images.  Only add what matters most to your visitors - and do your best to keep it simple.

  • Kelly

    What we all want is to create a website that informs people and be attractive at the same time, so having power point presentation on the page is a great tool depending on the purpose and content of the site.  I really thank you for these tutorials, they really make it easier to build a site without having a degree on programming.

    • Bob Charles

      When you make a web page with a powerpoint presentation, it is definitely very attractive.  But one should make sure that the use of powerpoint itself is necessary, because a lot of the time you can illustrate the presentation directly on the website. The less you make your visitors do, the better of you are.  So when you are creating a website, you can use our website builder and do your best to add the images and text and see if you can pull it off before resorting to powerpoint.

      • Celia

        I guess you both make a great point, power point presentations are a way to make visitores do something in the site, but if you really need it it works very well, you can also make it an optional thing in the site, like your tutorials, some of them have the option to watch a video or read the text, so it depends on the visitor, this can really make a website succeed and more complete without making the visitors work more. 

  • Bradley

    I just added a power point presentation to my site and it looks great, is really short and looks really pro, I always wanted to create a website that was attractive and dynamic at the same time, I like it when is not always about reading but also interacting like in videos, forums, etc,

    • Bob Charles

      We’re glad that you were able to use our free website builder to do all the dynamic things you mentioned when you decided to build a website.  You are certainly right in that all of those elements will diversify it and add to the overall appeal.   One word of caution is to make sure you don’t add too much.  This can overwhelm your visitors and can end up having a negative affect on your visitor experience, which ultimately leads to less sales, leads, etc. 

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