How to Build a Website with a WePay eStore

If you want to sell items on your business website, this tutorial will show you one of the options at your disposal — the WePay Store.  We’ll walk you through the process of how to add products and prices to the store and how to finally implement store on a web page.  We”ll do this using the IconoSites professional and easy website builder, where anyone can build a website in minutes.

Before You Build a Website - Go to

1) The first and foremost step is to signup for a free account at The website allows you to either use your Facebook account for signing-up or use the regular email sign-up procedure. I would recommend you using email sign-up just to keep your personal and professional accounts separate.

2) After you sign-up for account, you will receive a confirmation mail in your inbox. Click the confirmation link to confirm your account. On the other hand, on the website, you will be prompted to enter your organization name. Fill in the text field and press ‘Create Account

3) After the account has been created, you will be shown 4 different options: Invoices, Events, Store and Donations. Since we are working on setting up a store, we will select the store module. Refer to screenshot for a clearer idea.

4) The next step on the website asks you to enter the Name of the store, add a store logo and description of the store. Description of the store is treated as ‘About Us‘ section of your store by Try to keep the description short and sweet.

In case, you need help with uploading store logo,

5) After you Press Next button on the bottom right, takes you to the next step where you are asked to add the items. Click on ‘Add an Item‘ button and the add item  form will show up. The following screen-shot will help you understand the module.

6) You can add as many items as you want. This is how the screen will look after you add multiple items.

7) When you have added all the items you want, press the next button. The next screen allows you to set shipping rules. Click the ‘Yes‘ option against the question ‘Do you offer shipping?‘ Now set ‘Handling fee per order‘. This is the fixed processing fee per order. Depending upon different states where the items will be shipped, there maybe different Sales Tax Rates that you the site allows you to setup. After completing these 2 steps, click the white button that says ‘New shipping rule‘.

8) The following screen shot will help you set the shipping rule.

Rule Name: This is for your own reference. Keep it short and descriptive for future use. Like ‘Small goods’ is a good name for goods that are small in size. This would come in handy when you add products in future.

Add shipping cost region wise: You can add different cost for different places and countries.

Select items: This section allows you to select products that would be covered under a specific shipping rule.

9) After you have added the shipping rule, press ‘Add Shipping Rule‘ button. The following screen will appear. Now its time too publish our newly set-up store. Press ‘Publish Store‘.

10) Next step is to press the ‘Save‘ button on the bottom right. After saving your store, click ‘widgets‘ tab (check screenshot).

11) Clicking the widgets tab shows up the following screen.

Now notice that there are 3 tabs that allow you to create and embed a “Buy Now” item, an “Add to Cart” button, and a “Storefront” (this will embed every product that you create in your Store).    Here, we’ll show you how to create a simple “Buy Now” item but you should experiment with all 3 options to see which is most appropriate for your business.

The left side of the screen allows you to customize the widget, while the right side shows a live preview of the widget followed by the widget code. You can experiment with the widget settings on the left to suit your taste and then view the preview on the right side.

After you have customized the widget, right click on the code and press ‘Copy‘.

Now, open our Website Builder

12) Now, log-in into your Iconosites website creator account and click on ‘Add page‘ option on the bottom menu.

13) Give a name to your page and set it to Standard Page Template (refer to screen-shot for help).

14) After the web page has been created, we need to edit the page. Adding the widget is very simple. Remember we copied the widget code a couple of steps earlier? Its time to use that code. Go to the ‘Page Content‘ part of the editor and press HTML tab. Check screenshot for help.

15) Pressing HTML will open up a new window. Paste the code in this window. It will look like the following screenshot.

16) After updating the post. Save and Exit your page.

A Final Look at the Free Web Site you made with our Website Maker

This is how the single “Buy Now” item will look on your free web site. You can do a couple of things to customize the webpage using our website maker, such as adding more widgets, adding text and multimedia, formatting text and so on.

  • charity

    I used your web page maker to make a wepay store and I think it will be just what my business needed. The instructions were easy to follow and made sense.

  • joy

    I made a wepay estore with your web site builder and it was so easy with your instructions like Charity said. Setting up the store didn’t take long and I’m loving the look of my store.

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