How to Create a Website with a Donation Tool

If you want to create a website that can receive donations, then this detailed tutorial is really going to help you. The tutorial uses, a free to sign-up and tool you can use to receive donations right now.  And, we show you how to add it to your free website using the IconoSites website builder, where anyone can build a website in minutes.

1. The first and foremost step is to create an account at The site has a simple and fast sign-up process. It allows you to sign-up via Facebook but for privacy reasons, I would suggest you to use the regular email sign-up procedure. Use your original information and a valid email to create an account as shown in the screenshot.

2. As soon as you press the green sign-up button, an email is sent to you regarding activation of the account. Log in into your email and click on the verification link/button. Also, you are redirected to the new page on the website. Enter the text that you want your customers/donators to see. This can be anything from your organization/company name to a random quote. Follow screen-shot if you face any difficulty.

3. The website now gives you 4 options - Invoices, Events, Stores and Donations. Since we are talking about implementing a donation system into the website at the moment, we would keep the focus on the same topic and discuss the other options later.

Now click on the Donations option (4th option. See screen-shot below.).

4. The website now asks for your Campaign Name, Description and an Campaign End Date. Fill in all the fields. Press Next on the bottom right of the screen.

5. The following screen appearing on the website allows you to set a Fundraising Goal, show that amount publicly and also insert a Suggestion Amount. You can also give a description for the amount. From there click on Add, and then Next (refer to screen-shot).

6. The next screen will then be for customizing your campaign. This is a premium service so you’ll find the application dimmed out. You don’t need to do anything here though, so head on down to the bottom of the screen and click on Next.

7. Your Donation is now ready and is awaiting publishing. Press the ‘Publish’ button and half of the work is done.

On the next screen, press the ‘Save’ button that appears in blue color at the bottom right where ‘Next’ used to appear.

8. To embed the created donation item in a webpage, we need a widget. Click on the Widgets tab and under Customize the widget, check the items that apply. You can change the button text if you like, however Donate is suggested. Then on the right side, you will see a live preview followed by the widget code. Right click on this code and copy it.

9. Now log-in in your IconoSites website maker account and add on ‘Add Page’ option in the bottom menu bar.

This will open up the new page dialog box. Write the name of the Page and select ‘Standard Page’.

10. As soon as you click on Create, a page editing window opens. Scroll down to ‘Your Page Content’ tab and click on HTML. It is compulsory that you add the copied code into HTML editor (see screen shot below).

11. Paste the code and press the ‘Update’ button.

The last step is to then click the ‘Save & Exit’ button in the bottom toolbar.

That’s it. You can now go to your website to see how the new donation item looks.

Also - you can do pretty much anything on this page like writing text, inserting images, formatting them and so on just like your other pages.

  • Jenna Tomaszewski

    In theory the idea of connecting the wepay to your facebook is convenientl as today most people have a facebook, and use it to connect to others. Several times a day I am connecting from my facebook to a link from a blog, but I have to agree with you due to the security needed when handling money you should use a separate account.You have a great way of showing how to create a website, love the pictures! You make it simple enough for someone new like me to learn. So often even when people explain things in a way they think is simple I find myself getting stuck on a few steps, you have a great way of explaining things. What a benefit to a webpage especially an organization with a free web site trying to get donations to further their great cause.

    • Bob Charles

      Exactly. We really support non-profits who are trying to do good to others, and who rely on donations to finance their endeavors. Creating a website in a cost-effective manner is a key way that a non-profit can save money to spend more of their funds on their cause. Whether you create a free website with our online website builder, or you upgrade to a paid plan, either way this is a solution that will significantly benefit your business.

  • Hannah

    Thanks for the help on how to create an awesome website! There are so many ways I could use this announcement pop up banner! The possibilities are endless, and its so easy to install, thanks!

    • Bob Charles

      No problem! We’re trying to make the easiest website builder on the market, and part of this is showing you all the different things you can do to create value with your business website. This specific donation tool is really easy to install when you create a website, and at the same time it looks really professional.

  • Buy Votes

    This Is Simply One Of The Best Website Builders That i Have seen For A While …!!! You’re Doing A Great Job .

    • iconosites

      Thank you so much! We’re doing our best to empower entrepreneurs to learn how to create a website, and these tutorials coupled with our web site maker should be a turnkey solution.

  • iconosites

    These days, there are just so many tools that you can add when you make a website. Five to ten years ago, almost none of these types of embeddable web applications existed. In turn, small business owners were forced to get these things custom developed, which was an incredible hassle and always a costly endeavor. Creating a website just used to be so much more difficult. And that is why it is so important to understand this, because in doing so one can understand the true value of professional, cloud-based website builder software options like IconoSites.

  • Siddharth

    Simple And Innovative To use Is This Builder.Just Follow The Steps And In No Time You Will Your own Website.

    • iconosites

      Yes, that is the whole point of making this tutorials. Most of our members have never created their own website and therefore when we approach these topics with step-by-step how-to’s, it can simplify a seemingly complex problem.

  • Guthrie Leon

    In this Modern Era ,No 1 has got time and this builder help saving a lot of important time that can be put in to use at other important tasks .and with website builder these guys also provide software’s and tools which adds to their functionality.

    • iconosites

      Thanks for your kind words…

  • Sidney

    I Was looking For It And After Long Searches Finally Found It Here . :) Thanks You’ve Saved Me .

    • iconosites

      No problem! Let us know the impact this ends up having on your small business.

  • andrew

    Thanks for the help on how to create an awesome website! i got my website made up in no time at all . There are so many ways I could use this announcement pop up banner! The possibilities are endless, and its so easy to install, thanks!simply the best in its types of website builders.

    • iconosites

      Thanks Andrew! Your new website looks fantastic. We’re particularly impressed by your sophisticated use of the website creation tools we offer here. Especially in the way you customized the modern design layout with a little custom CSS. Well done.

  • sara

    I was reading another article of yours about adding pop up banners and was wondering if you could create a page with your website builder that would take this donation tool and make it popup on a page when a customer makes known they are interested?

  • megan

    So many non-profit groups would benefit from a donation tool on their free web sites. I wonder how many actually fail to utilize this tool because of a lack of knowledge. Your post would let even the most technology illiterate be able to add this to their page.

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